Monday, December 3, 2012

Im MOVING!!!!!

I hope you will all come with me!!! 

For the past several months, two of my BRF and myself have talked about doing a group blog and finally, we pulled the trigger (pardon the pun) on Pistol Packin Mother Runners!

Our hopes is that since we all seem to struggle with consistency in keeping our individual blogs alive, and since so many of our running escapades involve each other, we might as well have one blog and between the 3 of us, we can keep it going!

So while I have enjoyed my time here, please PLEASE come over and follow us next door!  I promise, you will hear all the same antics from children, just adding in their rascals with mine (4 more kiddos), their animal adventures in addition to mine (Heather had her coyote encounter last week), husband annoyances issues x3, and of course, our daily trials, successes, failures and pitfalls that come with being mother runners. 

Come over....FOLLOW our new page!  Hope to see you all there SOON!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. What a cool idea to have a group page! I'm popping over from Kim's blog, glad to have found you via the card exchange.