Monday, December 3, 2012

Im MOVING!!!!!

I hope you will all come with me!!! 

For the past several months, two of my BRF and myself have talked about doing a group blog and finally, we pulled the trigger (pardon the pun) on Pistol Packin Mother Runners!

Our hopes is that since we all seem to struggle with consistency in keeping our individual blogs alive, and since so many of our running escapades involve each other, we might as well have one blog and between the 3 of us, we can keep it going!

So while I have enjoyed my time here, please PLEASE come over and follow us next door!  I promise, you will hear all the same antics from children, just adding in their rascals with mine (4 more kiddos), their animal adventures in addition to mine (Heather had her coyote encounter last week), husband annoyances issues x3, and of course, our daily trials, successes, failures and pitfalls that come with being mother runners. 

Come over....FOLLOW our new page!  Hope to see you all there SOON!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jingle All The Way

Yesterday was the Platte River Fitness Series Jingle Bell Run.  We ran this one together last year in less then stellar conditions but this year, it was PERFECT!  About 50 at start time, sunny, no wind and a great vibe at the starting line!!

This is my entry to worst race photo....kinda look like I might die, hahaha!!!
I met up with a couple friends up there and was able to chat a bit before the race started and I almost got run over by every high school cross country runner in Western Nebraska.  Guess that's what I get for lining up near the starting line, and having not 1 but 2 corners within the first .2 miles :)

Great race, great run....PR for me!!!!  25:21 is my garmin time but clock time wa 25:20.....don't really care (kinda do) because that's 23 seconds OFF my previous PR from Nebraskaland Days!!!  Maybe its the BE's but I felt like I could run that pace forever.....I kinda wanted to keep up with speedy Gonzales aka Rachel, but ya....her and her 7:23 pace....maybe next year, HAHAHAHA!

Great way to end the 2012 race season, and it sets one of my goals for 2013....I want a sub 25 5K next year......oh boy!!!

Went to Wally-world after the race to do some Christmas shopping.....hit the toy aisle, wanted to gouge my eyes out with a hot fork, promptly went to the alcohol aisle and pushed more alcohol then toys.  Yep....that's my kind of Christmas shopping :)

We put our tree up last night during what I supposed is being called the Husker football game.  I'm not gonna rip them to pieces, they looked flat, they got out played.  I believe they put a whooping on some teams this year who looked the bad it was the Championship game that it happened and against Wisconsin, who exploited every mistake and near mistake, using it to their advantage.  That's football.  GO BIG RED!!!!  Very happy Shawn was calm enough to NOT toss Brannon the tree through the window.
Officially the most powerful "person" in the house.

The best part is that Freddie, Santa's little helper, showed up last night in the tree.  Hopefully he can keep Thing 1 and Thing 2 in check this year....and Piper.....and Shawn.....and if he could keep an eye on my husbands naughty puppy, that would be great also. 
She has her head down cause she has done something....not sure what, but something......

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Im never going on a long, family "vacation" again.  Oh the trip itself was great, but its the aftermath thats killing me.  Thing 1 regressed in his potty training to 4 accidents yesterday alone (I knew putting him back in diapers during the car trip would bite me in the ass), Thing 2 thinks he is ready to potty train (he was accident free for most of the day...but he was also big boy pant free since he refuses to leave it on, needless to say, Ill be shampooing my carpets this afternoon.)  The time change is kicking everyones butt, Thing 2 thinks sleeping in his own bed is optional but in mine is necessary (NOT a co-sleeping mom...I like my space!!)  Good thing my parents are moving closer.

2.  Hubby is MOTIVATED to work out, he had to find it for himself and he the form of Beastmode and earning a killer bow.  Ill spare you the details unless you want them, but I'm very happy he FINALLY is making his health and fitness a priority.  Granted its not because I told him I want him around forever but because he found inspiration in making himself stronger for some serious back country bowhunting....but still, he is getting it done.  I don't have the health issues in my family he does, so I bug him about it....alot.  The problem is that he wants to run first thing in the morning, which leaves me running at lunch.  I don't mind...but I don't LIKE it.  I prefer to run and watch the sunrise.....I think this might last another few weeks......then we will need to discuss why HE cant run at lunch....but until then, Ill happily support him.  And yes, I go a little Beastmode myself....can never have TOO much motivation ;)

3.  I have ZERO Christmas decorations up.  Why....see #1.  This weekend is my plan and if everyone 3 and under is sedated cooperative we should be good to go.  If not, we might end up like the Griswolds.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My hair didnt look nearly that good.
Thats how my day went yesterday....those 3 little words sum it all that order.

I'm desperately trying to NOT get sick.  So far Ive got the wicked headache (which could be partly my childrens fault) and body aches (which could be pushing myself really hard when I was running the other day and then lifting way to much weight because I didn't know how to take weight off the thingy) but either way, I kinda feel like poo.

Got my 4 miles in...but it was one of those gonna go for 2, but I feel ok, Ill shoot for 3, but then I felt guilty not hitting my plan so I made it 4.  I did considering laying down in the road but figured I would get run over. 

When I feel like poo, I eat like shit.  I crave EVERYTHING and I have NOTHING so then I crave EVERYTHING and MORE!  I'm still on the Runners World Holiday streak.....I just think I'm going to modify my plan a bit and back off the running.....I had 5 miles planned today but I think I'm going to keep it simple and go for 2.

On a positive.....I WAS accepted into the Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassadors Group yesterday!!!  That definitely made me feel better!  I love the idea of being part of a group to help others get fit and healthy and get some run love.  Plus, much like Team Tough Chik, these ladies are all as obsessed dedicated as I am, if not more so, so I'm not the crazy one...I'm just ONE of the crazy ones :)

They have a forum, where you can go and get to know other SPA, but my favorite part is that people come up with different weekly/monthly challenges.  I'm all about the challenge, so I cannot wait to get started on the weekly challenge next Monday.  A few weeks ago it was to so a circuit 5/7 days that week, then 1000 push ups IN a week (push ups always find a way into the mix...grrrr) so I cant wait to see what next week bring. 

Just as my high from being accepted into the group was calming down I heard the tell-tale barking of some poor critter being corned by my husbands crazy dog puppy by the barn.  I put them on the porch, and heard the other tell-tale signs of hoofs pounding away as my no good rotten pain in the ass horses busted out of the 40 acres pasture they were in and took off across the yard and down the road. not cooperative but we got them back....took a pick up truck and some very bad words and they didn't go where we wanted them to but anywhere other then the road was fine.  Ill help husband fix some fence this morning I guess....that counts for some physical fitness, right??

Monday, November 26, 2012


Is there really such a thing as "off season"?  I realize I have been running for 2 years, but I kinda thought since one could find a race anytime of the year, it was a year round season.  I'm finding out that there is a spring season and fall season, which suits me just fine really not into running in the 

Anyway, for sake of discussion, what do you do in the off-season?  Do you stop all together?  Do you back off your training for relaxed, chilled out easy paced runs, just to keep yourself going (Sounds Heavenly right??) Do you keep at it hard and heavy, pushing yourself to injury point because you have plenty of time to recover (which you wont do) and want to know exactly what your limitations are? 

I'm definitely not Numero Uno....someone would get hurt if I stopped all together.  I had to take extended time off after Lincoln and I wanted to gouge myself in the eye with a hot fork.  I cannot take time off without losing my freakin' mind....major props to my friends who have been and are currently battling being sidelined.....Katie, Heather, Kari....I dont know how you do it and stay sane :)

Number 2.....partially.  When I have running buddies to run with.   Its hard to have a conversation with someone when your both blowing up your lungs and I definitely love a good, easy cruise with hubby or the girl-child.  Pushing the jogger typically because a chilled out run, albeit on that makes me want to die, but its definitely not about breaking time limits as much as getting to the end of the run without losing a child (they tend to bail out, remember?)

Number 3....that would be me.  I cannot just go out and run, alone, without trying to hurt myself.  And I don't mean "hurt" as in finding the nearest pot-hole and running right into it, tripping falling, breaking an ankle, wrist and probably getting a concussion, hurt myself, but the burn and ache of pushing my legs and lungs, as fast and as hard as I can.  Seeing exactly how fast I can run, how long it takes me to get to my in-laws house, how bad the weather can be, how much self-inflicted pain I can bring upon myself.  If I really can do 100 crunches a day (I can) and 75 push ups (cannot) for a week straight. 

Each time I hit a goal, I'm happy...then I find something else.  So far, I haven't found my limitations yet.  I have found pain...and progress.   I have learned that I am only as weak as I think I am....and I am much stronger then I give myself credit for.  The only way to silence the weak Tara is to prove her wrong.  I don't always want to run.  I don't really like crunches.  I really REALLY hate push ups....yet I do them all because that little voice in my head that says sit on the couch and do nothing annoys the shit out of the voice that says, get off your ass and do something so you can buy those really cute jeans in a size smaller then you have been wearing :)

So I guess that means I don't think there is ever an "off season".  For me, there is race season and training season.....races are a few months out of the is 12 months out of the year. 

Am I obsessed?  Yep....sure am.

Do I need an intervention?  Probably.

Am I hurting myself?  Not yet, but some may think its coming soon.

Is it selfish?  Yes...but since its the only "me" time I get from Thing 1 and Thing 2.....I dare you to try and take it away from me :) 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Our trip to Michigan is winding down, and Im happy to report that everyone is still alive and speaking to each other (Ill let you know how that turns out after the second 1,145 mile 17 hour car trip turns out....WITH the 10 year old female in the mix...that could all change.)

Thanksgiving was great, starting with a 3 mile run around the park in town, an extremely frustrating Lions game (dont get me started on that ruling......), great food, a wrestling match with my husband and a coconut cream pie (my mad ninja skills failed me and I lost). 

Isn't she pretty??
Black Friday shopping on Friday morning at the hunting store when Shawn got me (sorta) my Christmas present.  My NEW bow has been ordered and will be delivered to the house in a month or so....YIPPEE!!  The Huskers won (seriously...WHY do that have such an issue playing a full 4 quarters of football.....WHY....), the boys FINALLY slept all night in their bed and not half in it, on the floor, and with us......gonna take me 3 months to get them back into their sleeping routine).

The fact that my parents are moving next week finally registered during my run this morning (yes, I got 3 in this morning.....29 degrees, light snow fall, and a mile or of it was down a quiet, tree lined road...peaceful.)

It strange to say "good-bye" to the house you grew up in.  I dont miss living here....I didnt cry when we left in 2009 to move to Nebraska and I dont think Ill cry today, but it is still strange to know that I will never come back to visit this house again.  I wasnt a runner when I lived here, so I cant say Ill miss my old running routes, but I am a runner now, and have a long list of places I would love to get a training run in sometime.  But those times are gone.  I cant blame my parents....both Little Brother and I are out west, so that is where they are headed.  And Im happy for them, but a little sad at the same time.  When we moved to Nebraska, we always knew we could come back and visit whenever we wanted, but now, there isnt anything (family) to come back and visit, so it wont be happening.  And if we do come back and visit (friends!!) then we wont be coming back to THIS house. 

Its really nothing new for me, but its a final goodbye.  This time, its not see you later...its goodbye. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Day


Did you Turkey Trot today??  I was supposed to but the time change is kinda kickin' my rear and we I over slept.  The race was about 45 minutes away from my parents, and when I looked at the clock and it was already registration time, I knew it wasnt gonna happen.  So Shawn and I headed to the park and got our trot on..woot woot!

So this is the day that we are thankful for well, everything.  I really dont think you need me to tell you again what I am thankful for, so Im going to follow Jamie's lead and put out my superficials.  Like she said....the things Im thankful for, materialistic or not....these are the things I love.

1.  My iPod.  Trucking along on my runs is so much easier when I have the perfect (i.e. Miranda Lambert Fastest Girl in Town) blaring in my ears.  Run faster, finish sooner...that is all.

2., wait YES!  Yes yes yes....while I can possibly run without it, it helps keep me focused on my stride and pushing for my times.  Push hard, run fast, finish sooner (see the trend).

3.  Coffee...this was not on my list last year because I didnt drink coffee till just recently.  In that short amount of time, I have taken back all the bad stuff I have ever said about coffee because frankly, I love it. 

4.  My bow.  I recently moved into the world of bowhunting and while I havent killed anything yet I really REALLY love shooting.  Its given me an arm workout unlike anything else which is great because we all know how I feel about pushups.

5.  My gun(s).  Lets face it...I like to shoot shit.  My .380 is my favorite, but I throughly enjoy the rifles also. 

6.  Angel Food cake.  Plain and simple...dont screw fancy it up...white cake, white frosting....happy Tara.

7.  Charlie Brown and his holiday adventures.....HOURS if entertainment for Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the 17 hour car trip to see my 'rents.

8.  Cold Beer.  Not feeling the wine these days but Im loving a nice, cold beer at the end of the day. 

9.  The perfect t-shirt. there anything better then a cotton t-shirt that is cute, and fits perfect!  You know what Im talking about....fitted but not super tight so the beer I had last night isnt showing through.  Yep...thats the one. 

10. With that goes perfect fit jeans. there anything better.

11.  My critters.  My horses are my sanity, my dogs are my best running buddies (and babysitters for the 2 legged critters when they are outside.)

12.  My snowmobile.  Red Betty rocks...she is small but mighty. 

13. My thats more of a real thankful then a superficial but I love that they get my superficials, embrace them and take them/me for what it is.  They get me :)

14.  My absolute favorite is when I can put #13 together with any of the others listed above....those are the moments Im so thankful for....everyone needs crazy friends and family who feed your ridiculous hobbies and addictions and jump on the crazy train with you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family!!!  Let the shenanigans begin!