Friday, February 10, 2012

Trail Time

Finally went for a trail run yesterday. I cant believe I waited so long before venturing off road and into the pastures. Living on a ranch, I got pasture land everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. The only problem is that occasionally there are critters in those pastures, locked in by crazy contraptions that apparently are gate locks (and I am not usually smarter then a gate lock...that's a whole different blog).

Thankfully, right now, the cows are not occupying the pastures right next to my house, which happens to be my favorite area to ride my horse, so I took off and went down that road path trail two tracks in the grass.

LOVED it does not begin to describe my run. Mud, sand, snow, then hills with more of the same. Add in debris, cow-pies and occasional "assistance" from my 4 legged running buddy, all of it rocked. My legs were burning before I hit 2 miles.

Did I mention I loved it.

Getting off the road made me think of how I run, it wasn't just one foot in front of the was one foot, lets avoid that stick, try find the flatest path possible and not trip over and land in/or on the cow pie. Then do it all again with the next stride. I had to think....which meant that I wasn't thinking about anything else but my run.

Probably should have been thinking about not vaulting myself from one patch of sand, to the mud in an attempt to avoid the patch of 5 inches deep of snow see where I'm going with this which is when my dog whom I love dearly made the critical error of wanting to play in the patch of snow I was trying to gracefully leap over avoid. Ill save the details of obscenities and death threats to the beloved cow-dog as we all made it back home safely and injury free, which is all that matters. And no witnesses, that part matters also.

Ive been a runner for a year and a half, and living where I live, loving to run as much as I do and always being on the lookout for new routes, I'm kinda shocked and disappointed in myself that it took this long to get off the road. I see many, MANY trail runs coming my way.

Heather and know what that means don't you.....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Shake your Shamrocks

Checking on race off my bucket list!!!

I just registered to go back "home" not really home, it was my home till we moved out here and this is definitely HOME but I'm going back to where I grew up.  I need to add this disclaimer as my husband get his boxers in a bunch when I say I'm going HOME in reference to Michigan.  Got it...good and run the Al Kayner St. Patrick's Day 5K/8K race!  I'm super excited....not just to go home visit my parents but this race is kind of a big deal in B.C.  St. Patty's Day in general is a big drunken fest deal. 

Of course, the bars take full advantage of the crazy about of Irish blood flowing through the views of Bay Citians and their love need desire to drink green beer which I do not gonna lie also enjoy.  There is also a HUGE parade and celebration, Queens contest that I happen to have won in 1997 but biggest of all, always has been and always will be the road race.  Last year 4,800 people participated...I'm used to local races with 600 MAX!!   So naturally when I became a runner, this one was added to my bucket list right away. 

As fate would have it....Piper's dad and stepmom were planning on having her go back to Michigan to visit sometime during the spring.  I mentioned I was thinking of going back for the race, then I didn't think I would be able to make it, then I did, then didn't think know how it goes. anyway, long story short, Piper's confirmation for her flight showed up and I couldn't resist.  The prices are good, and I am taking 1 boy with me.  Its the worst possible time of the year for me to leave Shawn with 1 kiddo as he will be smack in the middle of calving, but I cant afford to lose my sanity flying with both boys the extra ticket for Sage so he is staying with daddy.  I'm sure Grandma will help out :-) 

My mom is having her knee replaced again on Feb 23 so she will be home and feeling good hopefully but she will be off work the whole time we are there.  Taking Bran aka the most uncoordinated child on the planet with me could be fairly disastrous for her but according to my dad, my showing up without any grand kiddos could be worse for me.....therefore, Bran is getting his wings and flying also.  And he may or may not look like a Leprechaun at the race.....anything is possible in Bay City during St. Patty's weekend.

I'm signed up for the 8K, which fits in perfect to my 1/2 training plan...about 6 weeks pre-Lincoln!  I ordered my shamrock bondiband, am on the hunt for some green and white stripped compression socks this morning I'm really excited!!!

I don't usually get pumped to go back to Michigan....while I miss my family and friends, I don't miss Michigan.  I only back once a year so I'm glad that this time is around St. Patty's, as in case you couldn't tell....we have alot of fun for St. Patricks Day!  I get to race, I get to spend QT with my rents and friends a couple of whom are running with me and they get to spend time with me Bran, and I WILL be getting some sushi. 

Do you think Green Beer tastes better??

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hell Froze

So, ya.....I recently did something I haven't done in years.  No exaggeration.....Y.E.A.R.S.  I'm not positive on how many but since Stinkerbell will be 9 in June, I'm going to take an educated guess and say 10 years.  At least.

I started considering looking talking myself into thinking about actually wearing a bathing suit this summer.  In public. actual town in Michigan.
Since the last time I considered wearing a bathing suit I made a statement along the lines of when they play the Stanley Cup Finals in Hell, THEN I will wear a bathing suit in public. 

They are officially Klim Snowmobile gear in Hell.  

The next day Karma smacked me in the face as I got the new Athleta catalog in the mail that happens to have super cute bikinis (GASP!!!!!) and I really started thinking about maybe possibly purchasing one to leave in my dresser to wear to Lake Mac this summer.  We have this BEAUTIFUL lake 40 miles away and I have never been there.  Why?  Because I am was to chicken shit to put on a bathing suit in public. 

Thanks to running, that has all changed.  I feel better.  I am stronger, physically and mentally.  I have lost ALOT as in 75lbs of weight and am physically in the best shape I have ever been in.  Even high school.  Take that Class on 1997 and 3 kiddos!  Yes, that means I could put on a bathing suit AND finally have the confidence to wear it in public.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Obviously, this is still in the planning stages as the catalog is sitting next to my bed, waiting for me to place an order.  Soon....I think....soon. 

If nothing else, I can get rid of those nasty tan lines on my legs from when I cut the steps.  Baby steps.