Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad blogger

Yes, I am a bad was kind of a busy week so I didnt get much "sit down and blog" time.  But now, the satellite for our tv is out, the repair guy wont be here till Tuesday afternoon so I cant sit down and catch up on bad reality television I seem to be addicted to and DVR cause hubby would rather drive hot knives threw his eyes then watch Real Housewives of anything.  Really...thats what he told knives.

Lots of running this week.....Katie and I went for 6 on Friday and got it done in less then 60 minutes.  Ok so it was only by 32 seconds but it was less then 60.  It was a tough run for  both of us, and neither are really sure why....Im thinking the 25 degress when we started filling our lungs with cold air might have something to do with it. 

Then, Katie and I both had to get our kiddos to Kearney, where Emma's dad was going to take them to Lincoln and Piper's dad was driving in from Michigan to spend the weekend with her.  They got Michigan State vs. Nebraska tickets for Saturday and took Piper.  Huskers trounced all over the Spartans, 24-3, in case you missed it.

Then Saturday, hubby found a snowmobile trailer about 4 hours away from our house in Colorado.  Lets do the math shall we.....1pm to 11pm would be 10 hours then 6am - 4pm would be another 10 hours.....add them together and thats how much time I spent in a car in just 27 hours.  20 hours out of 27. 

And true to form....40 minutes into our 10 trip on Saturday, we heard the tell-tale sound of a child puking.  Thankfully, he had his blanket in his lap when he did so he didnt get it on his jammies, but we didnt have many options (as in none) for where to put the sour, pukey smelling hand knit blanket he loves so much. 

Windows were open ALOT!!

And I dont want to see the inside of a car for a very, VERY long time.

However while we were on our adventure (Katie and I, not Shawn and I) we did pick up some tulle for our Jingle Bell Run 5K costumes!!  So far, red and white...thinking of adding green but we shall see...I could only find lime green and that turned the tutus into more "Halloween Town" then "Jingle Bell Rock".  Gotta find the perfect, darker green to go with the red and white.  We also may have a few more friends dressing up with us, so that should be a good time!!!

Im thinking Im headed out for a few miles this morning....I only have one kid awake....the other lasted 12 minutes before he got a one-way ticket back to bed. 

Other big thing in the Hanna house this week...Sager Danger is sleeping in a big boy bed and doing great!!! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Life if good.

Such a great day!!!  I know its only 237pm and that leaves PLENTY of time for things to go drastically downhill but so far, great day!

Stinkerbell doesnt have school today we she is hanging out at rushing to school or begging her to get dressed and her stuff around.  Just a relaxed morning.

Went to feed with Shawn....took 30 minutes but hey, I was OUTSIDE and felt like I was doing something on the ranch. 

Went for a run.....3 miles felt so great, that I kept going for 4.  LOVE IT!

Its 80 degrees outside right now so once Shawn comes back from doing whatever he is doing, Piper and I are headed out on our first horseback ride JUST THE 2 OF US in a very, very long time.

I have not cleaned my house.  Why...because I wont regret not doing will still be there tomorrow.   I WILL regrent not doing the rest of the stuff I have done......enough said.

Tonight.....BBQ chicken on the grill and carving pumpkins......Love it good.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Its possible

to run 4.3 miles in a town that is only 1 mile long.....laps...and another lap, then another one, then cut up this street, then down that one, around that corner, past those houses, straight downtown and then you will be at 2.15 miles so do it all over again......4.3 miles in a 1 mile town.

Love where I live and thanks to Katie who is my standing date for Wednesday and Friday morning running.  Nice to have a running buddy, and a change of location (aka view).  Plus we went a little slower, and didnt have any music so that was different also, but I didnt mind at all. 

Great run!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

5 miles and an epiphany

You can throw sand in the sandbox but Im going to run laps around it.

Thats my new motto.  Why would I (or anyone really) want to sit in a sandbox and throw sand at other just end up with it in your eyes, in your teeth and looking like a mess.  So, Im not going to do it.  Instead, when playing in the sandbox, if stuff starts to get tossed around, Im getting out, and going for a run.

Running helps me keep my verbal filter in check.  I can yell and scream all I want when I am out on a run, and I can get feelings and emotions out that are mine, and may or may not be warranted.  Either way, its better for all involved (especially ME) if I dont share my feelings (i.e. keep my filter in place) until I can get the raw part of it under control.  Once I do that, then I realize, that other peoples problems and insecurities, are just that...other peoples.  Im not responsible for them, their actions, or reactions.  I am only responsible for my own. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hills, Wind and of course...critters

OK, so no critters during the run but it was because of critters that I had to change my route. Once was this guy....

Ok, not this specific guy....add horns and a really, really bad attitude and that is who was in the road last night.  Again.  He has already been put back twice and apparently he feels the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, because he refuses to stay on his side of the fence.  Did I mention the horns and bad attitude. 

So I went the other direction.....which happens to be North West of my house.  And up a killer hill.  Not just hill, but a killer hill. 

I psyched myself up for the run, which took some extra doing because of the killer hill.   Had a sitter lined up to watch the boys so I could run (and do some homework...not totally a bad mom) and was all dressed and ready to drop children off at appropriate locations. 

Then the sun came up.  And with the sun, came the wind.  All 35mph of it.....and guess what....

Just guess...please.... got it...straight out of the North West.

Literally, this was an uphill, straight into a headwind run.  And frankly, I hated every minute of it.  Then it was over.....and I was so proud of myself.  Because while I hate running in the wind, its a necessary evil and each time I finish a run when I have been saying "why do I do this to myself" I have the answer when its all over. 

I do it because I can.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Regularly Scheduled Run....Day 1

So very happy to report that I am back to my regularly scheduled runs.....yea!!! 

I have made it through 1.  A whopping 3 miles but at this point in time, anything is better then nothing at all.

Got up early, out the door at 640am (not quite sunrise time but light enough that I dont have to worry about getting run over)...crisp, clear, GORGEOUS morning in the Sandhills.

This is why I run.  Well, that and the way I feel after its all over but it didnt take much to get me going once I hit the road.  Hot pink clouds hit the blue sky as the beep on my Garmin told me I was at 1 mile.  Not extra critters for the boys to chase, just me and my pups. 

As close to heaven as Im gonna get for awhile. 

Now, Im blogging...a short, random blog.  I should be cleaning.  Well, I did clean a room is all picked up and vaccumed, but the kitchen is calling and really, I hate cleaning the kitchen.  So Im blogging. 

But at least I got a run in today!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Life gets in the way

I FINALLY got a run in this morning.  Its been over a week but sadly, life gets in the way.

Short recap: Last Thursday, rode most of the day to gather up cows for testing on Friday and Monday.

Friday: Tested cows (entire herd....575 I believe...took 6 hours)

Saturday: Coached soccer game, jewelry party at night, Huskers lost to Wisconsin....not suprised, drank a bottle of wine (47lb Rooster Moscato....LOVE IT!!)

Sunday: Gathered the cows, run them through for second day of testing on Monday.  NOT the most cooperative of critters on a good day, let alone 2 days after being worked through the chutes.

Monday: 7 hours of testing and another hour of riding (putting stuff back where it belonged)

Tuesday:  Crazy in 35-45mph winds.  HOT and DRY also...terrible combination that resulted in bad grass fires in Stapleton.  Grand dad and Grandma's house was ok, barn and quanset with all the equipment were safe, but all the hay and grass was burned up.  A few out buildings were burned as well, but thankfully, compared to the people who lost their homes....we can deal with it.  The first stopped 10 feet from the barn and the chicken coop that was burned is fairly close to the house. 

Wednesday: Test results day.....more fires, worse wind.  Results were delayed (grrrrrr) about stress and anxiety.  And because I need more to do in my life, I started EMT classes in Ogallala.  Been a long time since I have been a college student (or stayed up past 9pm) and now I have a class that is from 6p-10p and 45 minutes away from my house.

Thursday: More fire danger with higher winds 50-60mph and more heat.  Then came the lightening....without the rain.  So Shawn was outside watching for strikes to start a fire in the hills or a bale.  More fires in Stapleton and I heard another house lost but Im not postive on that one.  FINALLY at 730pm RAIN.....lots of rain....and even some hail!!!  Ive never been so happy to have it rain in my life.  Its very nerve wracking to be located far enough outside of town that you cant hear any fire whistles going.  And knowing that there is alot more grass area then people out here, so if a fire starts out to the one will see it till its to close to their homes.  To close.

Friday:  Got up, went for a run.  FELT GREAT.  I only did 2 miles because I didnt want to push my legs to hard and not be able to run for another week.  The wind died down (though its starting to pick up again) and the rain helped alot.  Still a really high fire danger today but better then yesterday thats for sure. 

Prayers to all the people affected by the fires in Stapleton, Gandy, Elsie and anywhere else they were burning.  Living in small communities, we rely on volunteers and our neighbors to help each other out.  In my town, our EMTs and Fire Departments are all volunteer staffed.  The closest hospital is 45 miles away......its up to your neighbors and friends to help in an emergency.  Thats small town living.