Monday, February 28, 2011

2 days, 4 miles, 1 skunk

I didnt blog about my run yesterday because I blogged yesterday morning about the day before. Besides, a 2 mile run isnt earth shattering news for me anymore (and that alone is earth shattering!!!).

I did run down to my in-laws house for supper last night...and I made it 2.04 of the 2.36 miles when I noticed a black, furry critter chilling in the middle of the road right at the end of their driveway. I just stopped because it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know what he was OR that getting to close (or close at all) was a bad idea.

I could probably mention here that this little critter has been terrorizing my inlaws home for a few weeks I wasnt terribly suprised to see him there. I was really happy to see him BEFORE I actually got to the driveway.

He wandered off, I went to their father in law went searching for him but he was already gone, into the pasture across the street, safely protected by the neighbors cattle.

For now.

Today, I got another 2 miles in without the critter issue. I did smell the faint aroma of a skunk, and we did almost hit one coming home last night, but I did not see one in living color.

Considering my critter issues of momma cows, crazed deer and now skunks....Im thankful for any run that does not warrant a blog that includes critters.

Yesterday 2.04 miles in 20:29
Today 2.0 miles in 19:53.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Fun

I am a winter baby at heart!! I grew up in Michigan, spent my winters building snow forts, skiing and throwing snowballs at my brother.

Now, I am still a snow baby and live for winter time. However now that I am in Nebraska, I have to drive a little bit more to get the kind of snow I grew up with and the kind that we can play in.

Thankfully I only live 3 hours from Wyoming and 5 from South Dakota!!

We took the snowmobiles out for one last spin this weekend and had a great time. And great food, and great beer and great friends. Two of those last 3 are not on my diet.

Snow was awesome, the weather held out for us though it did get windy and therefore, cold in a few of the open spots but we just didnt stay put very long. Keep moving is the name of the game.

I missed my Friday and Saturday running so Im headed out to my in-laws for supper tonight (also, Im sure, not on my diet) so Im going to run there while Shawn drives. Im calling that a preemptive strike for my diet next week, as opposed to an attempt to fix what I screwed up Friday and Saturday.

P.S. Also ordered INSANITY to get the last 20lbs off....wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cute Picture

I think I am going to make Wednesdays my "Cute Photo of the Kiddos" Day. It always seems like Wednesday are just kinda there...and while I got my run on (3.54miles thank you very much), its just a blah kinda day. I dont feel 100% and I really dont feel like cleaning my house however we are leaving to go snowmobiling again on Friday and I hate HATE coming home to a messy house. Soooo....I need to clean. But again...dont wanna.

OK, so all of that leads me to find something I do feel like in sitting on my butt, playing on my computer and not cleaning.

"Cute Photo of the Kiddos" Day is born!!!

Sage Dean - 15 months

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New goal, new time

had a really good run today after 2 days off. I did 2miles in 19:57. Do you know what that means?? No, I will tell means that BOTH my miles were less then 10 minute miles. I bet you could have figured that out for yourself by looking at the time but what you couldnt see is that my second mile was 7 seconds FASTER then my first! That is the first time that has ever happened for me. As well as being the first time I have ever run less the 20 minutes for 2 miles.

That leads me to my goal revision...again. Now, my goal is less then 30 minutes in Deadwood. June 4. I think I am on my long as I keep focusing on keeping each mile less then 10 minutes, I should be ok. WILL be ok. I have hit each of my last goals, I will get to this one also.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Stroll

The weather was to wonderful to pass up today, so my desire to be OUTSIDE beat out my aching legs desire to sit on the couch and watch Real Housewives of everywhere.

I loaded up my babies, my oldest baby jumped on her bike, and my 4-legged babies followed along. Well, really they lead more often then followed but they still accompanied us on our stroll.

2 miles in 36:48 burning 368 calories. Not bad for an afternoon stroll!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lesson Learned

Dont spit into the wind. No need to elaborate on that one.

I ran my longest distance today...3.5miles in 36:48. Very exciting since I didnt plan on uping my miles quite that much until next week. Initially my "plan" was that I was going to bump up the miles by .2 this week (to 3.3) and another .2 next week and VOILA....3.5 miles before the end of February.

Another reason why I shouldnt make plans....I never stick to them!

The runners out there know what happens when you get to the zone.....the "runners zone" and you just feel like you can keep going forever. Well maybe not forever but today it got me to 3.5 miles.

Accomplishing goals ahead of schedule is a great way to start the weekend(and the 683 calories I burned along the way certainly dont hurt!)

Happy Friday!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I didnt get my run in today even though I had all the intentions. I was all set to run with Jena today as she is on W4 of the program and its much easier when you have someone to run with.

Then things changed, and on this amazingly beautiful 77 degree day with 10mph winds, the first grass fire of the season broke out 10 miles away from our house.

Courtesy of social media I was able to find out that it was a very serious fire, and they needed all the help that was avaiable. Once it was posted to someones page, another would repost, then another....until there were 40-50 ranchers helping to fight this fire, in addition to the fire departments for 5 of our surrounding counties.

Here is a good place for me to add that our fire department is all volunteer. Actually all but 1 of the counties that responded were all volunteers. Not only do they take care of their counties and their neighbors, when things get really bad, they help their neighboring counties. When you live in rural American, thats the way it is.

The need for help was vital as the fire line was estimated at 2 miles long and traveling quickly. It had ahold of 2 ranches, maybe 3, Im not postitive, but had already destroyed a meadow full of grass, was working it way to livestock, and had houses and buildings in it way.

Needless to say my run went out the window as soon as Shawn left because I didnt have anyone to watch the kiddos. Ya know, I really didnt care.

I live in such an amazing little community where the fire alarm sounds and people literally stop what they are doing, leave their families and jobs and go help. We gathered at the fire hall several hours after the fire started to make sandwhiches and get water ready for when the firefighters came back. There was some talk about driving it out to them but thankfully, that was the time it started to be under control.

All in all, no one seems to know right now how much land was damaged. Ive heard the fire line was anywhere from 2-4 miles long, and 2 miles wide and the damage path covered around 10 sections of grass (a section is 640 acres).

Not a single building was lost, no people were injured and all the livestock were saved.

The fire was so fast that without the help of the community, the chances of losing buildings and critters was very high. I hate to think of what might have happened if a person had been in a house that wasnt aware of the fire. According to my brother in law, where he was fighting, it moved that fast.

There were spots with snow on the ground this morning, so I have no idea what could have started the fire. Power lines is what I am hearing but Im not sure we will ever really know. All I do know for certain is that I am incredibly proud to live in a town where everything stops when your neighor needs some help. Where people grab their shovels and water trucks and go face a fire, a BIG fire, to help. It could have just as easily been us, and thats the rule we live by. Help your neighbor because its can very easily be you.

That is a lesson the rest of the world could stand to learn. Here in the Sandhills....we got that one.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running and Mommy Stuff

I didnt get out and run today so its a good thing I got a GREAT run in yesterday! I set a new PR, 31:05 for 5K!! Oh yea, super proud of that one. I participated in a virtual 5K yesterday and I have found that one of my issues with running is when I turn around and head back home. I lose my pace and seem to struggle to get it back. So because I was running for an "official" time, I choose not to turn around but just head one direction and have hubby come pick me up. A whole 3.1 miles down the road...he can handle that. I got my first mile in 9:58!!! C-R-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S!!!! My second was 10:04 and third was 10:14. I must have made a good decision cause its usually my second and third that are waaaay slower then that...Im talking in the 11m realm of things.

So Im very happy with that run and even more so because of the 25-35mph winds that Mother Nature has blessed the Sandhills with yet again.

On the mommy side of things....Baby B has slept 10+ hours a night for the last 4 nights!!! Im not ready to announce that he is reformed from his 3-4 hour social calling but Im excited enough to put it out there....he DOES know how to sleep longer then 3 hours!!

S D Danger is, well, he is a wonderfully naughty as a 15 month old can be. He climbs everything, he throws his food, he sits on his brothers head and he gives hugs and kisses on demand. Everything you would expect for a 15 month old boy.

Stinkerbell and I spent much quality time together today getting ready for her Valentines Day party at school. This meant we had to construct a Valentine box and the valentines (because the ones I got last weekend that were supposed to have the valentines and candy with them were just candy.)

This valentines day box thing is kinda a big deal. They tend to get very elaborate...horseshoes, guitars, ect. This year, we have a heart. Not only do we have a heart, but it stands up and is covered in duct tape. Yep, you read that right, duct tape.

Did you know that duct tape came in colors?? Me either but it does...see.....

We have a heart made out of red and zebra strips. It took me, opps, I mean us a total of 3 days (with some help from Grandma also) to get this thing ready to go but we get it done.

We also found some really cute Valentines to print off so that I didnt have to drive 45 miles to spend $3.50. We dragged out some very neglected scrapbooking supplies and VOILA....we have Valentines, a Valentine box, 3 paper cuts, one slice from scissors, one minor stabbing from the same pair of scissors and one very happy 8 year old.

Who at this moment is probably coming down with the flu and will most likely end up missing her party. Of course she is but oh well....she is happy and we spent some very long over-due "mommy and Pippi" time.

Friday, February 11, 2011


My iPod is DEAD!!!! Dead, dead, dead....I mean we got nuthin' screen, no response to plugging it into the charger or the computer to try and reset it, no reaction to begging and pleading or bribery.

How am I going to finish my run today without any music. How am I going to START my run without any music.

Again, I repeat....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Got a new PR today!! 5K in 33:27!!! Very exciting since I had set my goal for the Deadwood 5K at under 34m. Guess I need to re-evaluate that. Ran my first mile in 10:28. Now I need to work on keeping mile 2 around there (10:50) then focus on mile 3.....but thats down the road aways.

I get alot of thinking done when I am running which is great! Typically, my horses and riding have always been when I get my thoughts organized and clear my head. Best form of therapy as far as I am concerned!!!! Now Im happy to report that I am getting the same results while running. Its nice to know that on the days (like today) when the idea of chasing down my horses, chasing them again to get haltered, saddled, dressed for riding and out on a ride (typically a 30-45 minute venture) is just not appealing, or I dont have that much time, I can lace up my shoes and hit the road. I can have a full run done before I could have my horses saddled and ready to go. Knowing that I can find "me" time and clear my head, figure some stuff out regardless of if I can get on my horse of not is a great feeling.

That being said, running will NEVER take the place of my horses...never, never, never!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Im a couple days behind in my blogging. Im going to blame that on the "mommy" and "wifey" parts of my official title. Really, not so much their fault but since 2 of them dont read my blog and the other 2 cant read my blog and well, its my blog, so I can place the blame wherever I want!!

My follow up run to the one where I wanted to lay down in the road and be driven back home turn out to be a great one! I had some company. Stinkerbell wanted to go for a bike ride with me, which I usually try to avoid because she likes to talk and ask 400 million questions along the way. I like to listen to my music and zone out. Once herself was aware of the "rules" (meaning dont talk to me, just ride your bike and have fun) we were off. The rest of my company had 4 legs and scared up the 20 deer that ran across the road in front of us....which prompted Stinkerbell to break the rule and come inform me of this little situation.

Im not exactly sure how or why she thought I didnt SEE the 20 deer run across the road 150 feet away from me but least she wasnt asking me something random about the television show she watched before we left.

Anyway, we ran/biked down to my mother in law's house and she gave us a lift back home. 2.36 miles in 24:49. She was headed our way anyway to help finish up some work on our kitchen....will post photos as soon as its done!!

That was Saturday, took Sunday off from running but went back at it on Monday with a quick 2 miles in 21:30. I was playing mommy Monday afternoon right after school and driving munchkins to dance class. I knew I didnt have time for a full 5K, showering and being presentable for after school.

I wanted to get the 5K in today but Mother Nature had different ideas and we are back to a high of 10 and -20 windchill. Hence, the 2 miles I put in on the dreadmill. Again, doing W1 and pushing the 60 seconds of running as fast as I can. So far, I have pushed my speed to 6.5 and 3.8 for the walks. Not bad, if I do say so myself. Im going to move on to W2 I think, and focus still on that pace and keeping it there for 90 seconds. I am able to see where the increase of speed is working during my long runs. I used to burn out and not be able to hold a pace of 5.2 while running and now, I can keep it between 5.4-5.6 fairly easily. This is all good because I signed up for my FIRST offical race yesterday!!!!

I will be running in Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon on June 4, 2011. Obviously, Im not running the marathon, just the 5K but I did make the mistake of looking at the race results from last year and oh my....I DO NOT RUN A 5K in 20 minutes!!!! Im not sure how its humanly possible to do that period but according to the results, it is. And there were only 4 people in my age catagory last year and all of them ran in less then 30 minutes. Which means that they will already be in their cars on the way to the casinos while I am cross the finish line.

Now, I know I shouldnt compare myself with them but is a RACE. I just have to remind myself that I am racing MYSELF. And the clock. Im going to work really hard between now and then and bust my a$$ through that race but Im not expecting miracles. However jet packs randomly appearing in the soles of my Asics would be ok...just sayin'......Im simply going to do my very best and have a starting point for the rest of my races.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I finally got a long run in today after over a week without one!! An outside long run, I should say. Ive been running 2 miles of intervals on the treadmill at night but have been dying to get back outside and into some consistent distance.

Not gonna lie, I considered laying down once I hit 2.3 miles and just letting whomever came upon me just drive me back home. I guess that is another benefit to running outside...I cant stop halfway through and take refuge on the couch. One way or another, I gotta get back home and that is a much faster process, if I keep running.

It was rough. But I did it. I got 'er done and Im very happy!

It was so nice to get outside, I cant even tell you how great it felt to get outside. Even when I thought I was going to keel over, at least I was in the fresh air.

I got in 3.1 miles in 34:46.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Got it done!

Sometimes, thats all I can ask git 'er done.

After being gone last weekend, partaking in sledding, gambling and adult beverages (free ones, while I gambled....hence, the 3lbs weight gain!!), I finally made it back onto the dreadmill today. I had to do something!! Not only were the numbers on the scale really bothering me but I felt lazy. I needed to get out and run. However the temperature on our weather station said -19F actual temp and -30F windchill. Yes, I have a limit to running outside and had to suck it up, call a truce in my hatred for the treadmill and git 'er done.

I did W1 and got in 2 miles in 24:30. I made sure my running speed never fell below 6.0, and that was the pace of my first run. The rest all were between 6.3-6.6. Definately pushed it harder then usual and, I felt it. I entertained the idea of collapsing on the treadmill and letting it slide me to the ground, but I figured that would set a bad example for my 15 month old, and I dragged my aching body to the living room.

After a nice shower, tons of water and sitting down for a little bit, I feel great and am so happy to have been back up and running.

Side notes: Where I went sledding this weekend is also the location of one of the 5K's I am thinking about running this summer. Im very excited....the trail was covered with snow but it looks like a great place to run. I think I will go sign up right now!!

Im thinking of getting a running club going in we can at least get together once a week or so and kick each other's butts!

Getting a great team together for the FIRST EVER Central Nebraska Race for the Cure in Kearney on October 1. Details to follow soon!!!