Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Contest entry

OK, so I always see the cool contests to enter but never have sat down and done all the steps to enter one.

But then I saw the Ryders Sunglasses give away at Run to the Bikini and felt that there was no time like now to get myself entered.

Well, there probably is since I have one kiddo fussing cause he needs a nap and one kiddo who is fussing because he got his 6mth shots this morning...but anyway, Im entering the contest and sharing it with you, so you can also enter, and win them over me :-)

Check out Katie's blog...I really like it!!!

FYI - no running for bikini's in my house....bikini's are contrabanned and now allowed anywhere near me.  Instead, I run for cute and sassy jeans but its all the samething, right..... 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Officially a Runner

I have considered myself a runner since I started to love running. But after the last week, and pushing myself harder then before...its official.

I guess this is a nice way of saying that I might be slightly addicted. Dedicated sounds much nicer, but addicted is the correct term. When taken into consideration my less then spectactular attitude when not able to run, it qualifies as an addiction.

Last week I ran more miles in one week then ever before....and nothing less then 3 miles.
Sunday - 3.07
Monday - Off day
Tuesday - 3.5
Wednesday - 3.5
Thursday - 3.1
Friday - Off
Satuday - Off
Sunday - 4.02 (those .02 the every end of my first 4 miles, those darn things COUNT!)
Monday - 3.04

Thats a total of 21.04 miles in 9 days. WOWZA....thats alot for a rookie runner. And my legs are aching right now...worse then ever before but I think it has alot to do with the lack of water I drank today. Yet with the aching legs, I still cannot wait to get back out and run again. It makes my day better, it makes me a nice person. I just feel so good afterwards. Thats that part that makes me feel much better about calling myself a runner.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holy Insantiy

WOW, let me catch my breathe....

OK, I think Im good now.

I have 16lbs to go before I hit my goal....YIPPEE!!! However I know that while the running has gotten me this far, I will need to really hit it hard as the last 10-15lbs always seems very stubborn to go away. I also know that I need some serious toning in the abdominal region (and arms, and booty, and legs...ok, all over) so I needed something to help me witht hat.

I asked around and the overall winner was Insanity. Why...well, P90X seems to take 45-60 minutes and you need the extra stuff..weights, bands, door framing hanging stuff...time and stuff I dont have. Insanity is 30 minutes or so and all I need is the room to work. That I can afford!!

So here we with the Fit Test Results:
Switch Kicks - 60
Power Jacyk - 47
Power Knees - 83
Power Jumps - 32 (this is where it starts going down hill)
Globe Jumps - 8 (beyond sad....PATHETIC but really...thought I was going to die)
Suicide Jumps - 15 (Im not sure I remember the last 4 but I remember counting them)
Push-up Jacks - 10 (W.T.F. As if regular push ups werent traumatic enough)
Low Plank Oblique - 46

So there ya starting Fit Test scores. According to the program, I I will redo the fit test every 2 weeks and see how Im progressing. As hard and traumatic as it was.....I LOVED IT!! Every terrible, painful, horrible minute....until Im done...then the aching of muscle feels great. I can still walk, I can talk yet the ache that is there tells me that change will be happening soon. I will get stronger and feel better and that makes every little bit worth it!!

Next mission....start a competition with is CRAZY competitive so I think he will be up to the challenge. And if I dont warn him how rough it is....I just might beat him ;-)

Friday, March 18, 2011

I am not smarter then a 3rd grader

Just ask my 8 year old...she will tell you that I am a moron. This is especially true, apparently, when it comes to 16 line poems and clothing.

P.S. Yes, she did earn herself a weekend of "focusing" on her chores. AKA, her bedroom and the barn will be very clean by Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, she needed help with her poem because the teacher said "ask your parents for help". No problem...I enjoy stuff like that...until I am told that I have no idea what I am doing, and she will just go ask her teacher tomorrow.


THEN, she ASKED me for help picking out her clothes this morning....even though I had been asking her for 45 minutes if she was ready for school and she said "almost". So I went up, and grabbed a shirt and leggings....she put them on...then started to cry. And yell, and tell me how much she hates school, and hates the shirt I picked out and the leggings were stupid.

This is right around the time the grounding took place.

So I picked out a new shirt and leggings and suggested she put them on and stop arguing. AKA....GET DRESSED NOW!

She gets dressed, stomps down the stairs, slams the bathroom door, stomps back up stairs to get her socks, stomps back get the picture here right.....

Oh my...this is why I run. I run because I need the mental break. My kids challenge me mentally, physically and emotionally. In good and bad ways. I need my 30-45 minutes of running to clean my head, adjust MY attitude and get back to being a good mom. Albeit however stupid I am.

That friday rambling being said...good bye...Im off for my run!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome Monday

I dont usually welcome Monday with open arms but I am looking forward to ending last week and starting a new week.

I didnt get any running in this weekend!!!! (insert uncontrollable sobbing here...and then seriously cranky uncontrollable we are on the same page.)

I ran on Friday, had a virtual 5K on Saturday (Shamrock Shuffle by Running Mate), and planned on a quick 2 mile push myself run on Sunday afternoon.

Shawn was gone for alot of the day on Saturday, my mother in law was unable to watch my kiddos while I ran, so Saturday didnt happen.

Sunday I had to run my daugther, her friend, her friends mom along for the ride to town for a little class the girlies were taking, PLUS I woke up to snow.

In the process of being in town, well, wait....PRIOR to us leaving but after the snow, Baby B got sick and had to stay home with Grandma till dad got done taking care of the ranch. Ok, now we are in town, girls are in class.....Sager Danger, aka Spider Monkey, takes a head dive out of the shopping cart, landing right on his head. Panicked mom tries to remain cool and is thankful that we are in town and 5 minutes from the ER instead of 45 like at home.

Sage does fine, passes his first exam just fine, but they wanted to check him out again. This time, he wasnt so receptive and ended up earning himself a CT scan.

Here might be a good place to add in that a week before I informed shawn that "if we dont land in the ER by the time he is 2, it will be a miracle." miracle for us.

Get to the CT scan and find out that I have to help hold him, the semi-calm mom needs to hold her very NONcooperative 16 month old down, completely still, for his CT scan. Great...the news keeps getting better and better.

Thankfully, we got it done, and it was all clear. Sage earned himself a concussion, a wake up call every 2 hours, not much food to help keep his tummy as settled as possible and a whopper of a headache.

Mom earned herself a bottle of wine but I didnt have time (or desire) to go back to Wally world and buy one.

After I get home, I had to head to the silver shop to work on some buckles. nothing in there was going right. I changed tips on the equipment, I double checked my cords....just not enough juice to get the stuff done. So I go ask my mother in law for some help....sick as she is she comes out into the cold, and helps me....helps me look at the air compressor that I looked at 3 times and see that the switch was OFF...not On. Uhhh...par for the course I tell ya.

I got the buckles done, went home...walked into the house and my concussion weilding toddler is standing on the chair that Grandma made him...dancing.

Shawn said "I think he is going to be ok."

Today, I went into town for Sage's follow up appt...and he is fine. "Try to keep him calm" my doc he is climbing up the side of the chair in an attempt to grab the blood pressure cuff on the desk.

Yea...I will work on that.

We left the doctors office and made one more the local store where I picked up a bottle of cheap wine. It was calling my name....wanting to help calm my nerves and regain some of my sanity. I dont typically turn to wine for my problem solving but since getting out of the house without a child or an issue seems to be out of reach right now.....running and horseback riding is is my next best option.

I havent cracked my bottle open yet....Shawn will be in soon and as I type this I have told Sage to get down off the chair, his high chair, the couch and the top of his little play tent several times.

My corkscrew is waiting.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Great Run!

Felt so good to run today! After missing 3 days of running and one day turning into a long walk, it was so nice to grab my iPod, my Forerunner, my dog and head out the door.

The wind is blowing 40mph today but thats was blowing the correct direction for me today. Instead of running back home, I had hubby come pick me up after my 3.1 miles (31:40). No personal record today but each of my miles got faster then the one before. Im kinda excited about that since usually they get 10-15 seconds slower.

I have a virtual 5K tomorrow....whoohooo!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Goals

Had a great run today...a long needed, steady pace, mother nature was in a good mood run.

3.6 miles in 37:27. 2:32 seconds faster then the same distance 2 days ago (where my head wasnt where it should have been and it struggled the whole flippin' time!).

Made me think thats its time to reevaluate and reset some of my goals. I going to set them in 1-2 month increments. I think that works best for me. I have some long term goals, obviously, but in order to accomplish the long term, I need some short term focus to keep me going.

1) Be running 4 miles in 40m by end of March.

2) Run 5 days a week.

3) Run at least 15 miles a week.

4) Lose 8lbs by end of March.

Sidebar: I also ordered a double jogging stroller last week. Since we are going to be calving soon and Shawn's life is controlled by 450 cows, I figured I might as well be prepared to take the boys with me if I have to. NO EXCUSES!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some days

ya just gotta run. Thats my motto. Weather running to or from something, or just running because I can, somedays I just gotta run.

I have had alot running through my mind lately, and its starting to interrupt my thinking while Im running. Well, my postive "I can do this" thinking. I need to kick that in the arse and get back focused. I didnt realize how bad it was getting until today when I about died at the second mile and had to force myself to get through 3.6.

Alot of it is my not being able to kick this not feeling well. I have had a headache now for 3 weeks. Occasionally its a crazy migraine but mostly its a dull ache that just wont go away. The last few days my stomach has gotten very upset, and all I want to do is lay down on the floor and sleep.

I am NOT pregnant....we had that little issue surgically taken care of after Baby B was more babies for me!!!!

The weather has been really nice this week, and I missed on run because of not feeling good, so I wasnt going to miss another one. 67 degrees out and I got my 3.5 in plus made myself do another .6 because of my craptastic attitude.

I want positive energy, I want to stop worrying about things I cannot control, take care of the things I can, cherish my friends and the good times we have and love my family like crazy. Maybe if I can get all those things going, I can finally kick this feeling like junk think. So far, thats the best I got....Aleve, Tylenol and caffiene are not cuttin' it!!