Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dreadmill strikes again

I tried today. I really did. I finally listened to myself and all my advice about "pushing past the pain" and "you can do it! Its all in your head" and face my dreaded treadmill for the 3 mile run I didnt get in today.

I had the brilliant idea to get Stinkerbell's portable DVD player, plug in a movie I have wanted to watch for months (Robin Hood) and start treadin'.

Yeah...that worked well for about 3 minutes. Is here where I should mention the 1:30 of walking warm up I did...

Distracted doesnt begin to cover it......I kept feeling like I was moving to the edge of the mat, which I wasnt but I felt like I was so I kept looking down to check, then I would wonder how long I had gone and have to shift the DVD player to the side. It was shaking on the display enough that it kept adjusting my pace so that messed me up. All in all, I got in 1 mile in 10:40 and I quit. I did, I gave in and let my head win the mental battle for today.

I realize now that it takes many different forms of mental strength to tackle running. Some people are great runners period. Inside or outside, doesnt matter. They just put one foot in front of the other and git er done. Some people are great inside and fall apart outside. The elments get to them, the concern about traffic, distance, self-confidence of people watching them. It all plays into their success being inside as opposed to outside. Others are awesome outside and cant handle inside (thats were I fall, minus the awesomness part). This group of people tend to liken a treadmill run to feeling like hamsters on a wheel just running and running and going NOWHERE.

Give me snow, rain, wind, sun, heat, cars, trucks, semi's and critters but please, PLEASE...dont make me run on the dreadmill!!!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Twice now, in the last week, I have been told I was someone's inspiration. While that is so very flattering (THANK YOU!!!!!), it also made me think about my inspiration.

Im inspired by my family and friends, who believe in me enough to say "you can do it".

Im inspired by my kids, because I want to be in shape and able to play with them without being out of breath. My boys are 10.5 months apart...I better be in good shape!

Im inspired by my husband who says "I wouldnt run in this"...cant let a statement like that just go!!

Im inspired by my friends who have really cute jeans and look really good in them...I want to look like that too!!!

Im inspired by proving to myself that I can do things that I never thought I could.

Im inspired by the feeling of accomplishment after accomplishing something I never thought I could. Like the first time I ran a 5K....WOW!!!

Im inspired to do things because I can do them and so many out there cannot.

Im inspired because people have said "you inspire me".

Most of all I am inspired because what running has done for me in my life. Im not anyone special. I am a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, runner, partner in crime, ranch wife, attempting to be a silversmith, dog loving, horseback riding, 31 year old woman from Nebraska. I love my life and all that it includes. Those of you who know me personally know the struggles we had to get back to the Sandhills, and you know that we dont back down from adversity. If I feel that something is right and necessary for my family, then that is what I go after. Its the same thing with running. I know that becoming a runner has made me a better person. It has taught me so much. Determination, perserverance, committment, dedication, success just to name a few! All of those are things that I had inside of me but they were hidden away. I have found them again and am able to use them every aspect of life. That is the biggest inspiration of all.

I challenge everyone to find their inspiration buried deep inside. Maybe it isnt buried, maybe its sitting right there waiting for you to make that call. If your not sure where it is, and you need something (one) please, let me know! Im more then willing to be "inspirational" for anyone. As long as that includes doing what I am doing and sending out some encourgement and support. Im good for that anytime, anyday!!

I got in a 3.15 mile run today in 35m51s. Not great but now, its on the list of "inspiration"....Im shooting for under 35 minutes!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is why I dont make "plans".

In my post yesterday I wrote about hoping to get a run in today and not planning on it. Well, this is exactly why I dont make plans.

I hemmed and hawed about getting a run in today because of the wind. The Weather Station, not the Weather Channel on TV but the Weather Station....the crazy expensive thingy my husband had to have to measure rain, wind gusts, temps indoor and out, sunrise and set, the state of the moon and probably when the grass will turn green and the flowers will sprout. Well according to our ridiculously expensive thingy, the wind was only blowing at 4mph.

Yeah....the trees in the front yard were bent over enough to tell me that wasnt accurate.

How accurate can this thingy be when the sensor has to be within 50feet of the station?? The sensor is on the pole in front of our garage, next to the house and by some trees....aka WIND BREAKS!!! What I needed to know is how hard the wind was blowing down the road, where there are not any trees or wind breaks. Just wide, open spaces for gusting winds and me as their target.

I didnt get my answer but the station did tell me, with accuracy, that it was 50F outside and that was something I couldnt pass up. So I layered up, then I took a layer off, and headed out the door.

Weather Station was off about 26mph in its wind speed. Thankfully, tail winds which was nice. I got going, into a great pace, making sure to push myself a little more and keep my pace above 5.4 and shoot for 5.6. Everything was going great...until I got to the halfway point and the idea of turning around was simply out. I had to keep going. My in-laws live 2.5 miles from our house so I figured it was easier to just keep going to their house, have them take mercy on me and drive me home (or call my hubby and listen to him laugh at me for being a big dork) then to face the 30 mph winds.

And thats exactly what I did. I made it to their drive at 2.2 miles of running (I dont count the walking I do to warm up in my total runs...just the running) and I kept going to the corner to try and get my 3.1 in.

This was a great idea until I realized it kinda defeated the purpose because I would still have to turn around and head back to their driveway. Hmmmm...again....planning....not my strong point.

Oh well, by the time that little thought kicked into my brain it was to late so all I could do was turn around and fight like heck against the wind.

All in all I made it 2.75miles in 29m41s for a pace of 11m9s!! I would have loved to get 3.1miles in but I really did run out of space. Ironic, since we live on a very long, quiet road but with the wind and turning around....I got my 2.75 in at their front porch.

The moral of the story is the best laid plans, for me, never pan out. If I had planned to get 3.1 in today then I would probably be discouraged that I didnt make my goal. Instead, I am super pumped that I ran all the way down to my in-laws house, that my husband thinks I am crazy (cause he told me so) and I accomplished something I had always thought about doing but never had the guts to try. And I had a great time in the process.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Treadmill and Me vs. Mother Nature

"I have been driven inside for the past 4 days and its starting to drive me slightly bonkers."

This is the statement I made to my dear husband to which he replied....

"Starting and slightly......."


So I sucked it up BIG TIME, looked at my arch nemesis and choose to tackle our issues. Otherwise I wouldnt get to run and that really wasnt an option.

OK, so I have an elliptical and really, that was my first option, however Stinkerbell needed the batteries for it to practice her piano (electronic keyboard) so the elliptical was out of commission.

Of course, I was even more motivated by the fact that dear hubby has FINALLY stopped talking about starting the program and actually has done it. No way am I going to let him do better on the dreadmill then me.

I went back to W1, 60 seconds of running followed by 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. I made sure to push myself during the 60 seconds, so I set a brisk pace of 6.0mph. Pretty good since usually I am between 5.3 and 5.6. I got 3 runs in, 2 miles each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I hoping to get 3.1 in tomorrow. I cant "plan" because my "plans" never seem to work out, so instead I just HOPE I can get one in.

Even on the dreadmill it felt great to run. I didnt have time to get bored, which is a big problem, if not the main and only problem, I have with treadmill running. I get bored and distracted and careless. Im going to end up on the Today Show talking to Matt and Meredith about the dangers of distracted dreadmill running, in a full body cast, if Im not careful.

Im very happy to report that my treadmill and I have conquered our differences and have united again Mother Natures bad attitude so that I can still get my runs in on days when its really nasty outside. Might not be the long distances and Im not sure if that will ever happen, but at least its something.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

A few of the other blogs I follow post a "Three Thing Thursday" blog on, well, Thursdays. Three interesting little facts about them, their lives and their adventures. Since they are always interesting reads, I thought I would give it a go also. Enjoy MY "Three Things".

1. I am the mother of Irish Twins. My boys are 10.5 months apart. Thank you for your sympathy and No, not on purpose.

2. I used to be a ski instructor in Michigan. I taught little kids, school groups and when I had to, adults. I love to ski, its a passion that I am sorry was out of my life for far to many years. Im very lucky that hubby is an athlete and up for just about anything active, and he loves to ski as well. So why are we going snowmobiling next weekend???

3. I went to Ireland on a Haunted Horseback riding trip, SOLO! October 2006, so amazing and empowering to travel that far alone. I did meet up with a group of people, none that I knew prior, but the flying and bus trips and adventures in Tullamore were all alone. So glad I did it. Never do it again.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I now pronouce thee......


Yep, I have declared myself a graduate of the Couch to 5K program!!!
I technically started W9 today, which consists of 30 minute runs. After my 5K on Saturday I knew that running for 30+ minutes wasnt an issue. Well, its an issue, it isnt a cake walk, thats for sure, however it isnt mission impossible either.
I started today's run planning on just the 30 minutes because my calves were still a bit achey from Saturdays adventure.
However, again, once I got started, the running took over and the idea of stopped at 2.79 miles once I hit 30 minutes wasnt an option. It certainly didnt hurt that the weather cleared up for me to a BEAUTIFUL 57F and slight breeze. So I kept going. I got my 3.1 miles in 35m26s! 1 minute and 23 seconds better then my Saturday run. I could have gotten it a little faster but I lost my pace a bit when I frightened two calves out of the trees....they were not where they should have been, so I wasnt exactly planning on that encounter.
I figure I can call myself a C25K graduate when the idea of stopping my runs at 30 minutes is completely unappealing to me. If I could get my 5K in under 30 minutes, then I would stop but until that time, I will keep going and hit my 3.1 least :-)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

5K = 3.1 miles = DONE

I did it!! I cant believe it, I did 5K in 36m49s. I didnt plan on it, which is probably the best way to get the first one out of the way.

I started out with W8D3 of Couch to 5K, which called for 28 minutes of running. I dont normally eat right before I run, but circumstances today took over and I did just that. Knowing my chances of an aching belly were high, I choose to just take a nice, slow, easy pace, hit my times and not worry about distance. Just run because I wanted to run.

My pace was slower then normal, 1 mile at 11m27s, which isnt terribly slow but not under 11m, like I have been doing. A temp of 36F and no wind gave me perfect conditions.

Towards the end, I just felt great. Well, through the whole thing I felt great so I choose to just keep going. My pace being slower then normal, I wanted to get to 2.5 miles, but once I got there, I didnt really feel like stopping. So I made the call to go for 3.1 miles. I had to run in front of my house for 6 minutes or so to get the mileage in, which throughly confused my dog but Im not sure what he cared, he just sat in the driveway and watched me.

I feel great! I can not believe that just 3 months ago I struggled to make it through 60 seconds, and now I have the ability to push myself to 3.1 miles and did it in 36m49s.

Bring on the 5K's cause now I know for a fact that I got this!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A successful run!!!!! After 2 disasterous days in a row, I was determined that today was going to go well and nothing was getting in my way. Not 22F out, not snow/ice packed on my driveway and in front of my house, not the dogs, kids, husband OR that nasty Mother Nature.

I bundled up, tied on my new shoes, grabbed my iPod, Garmin Forerunner and headed out on my 25 minute run planned for W7D3.

It felt awesome and I had a great pace. Halfway through made the call to move on to W8 and do 27m30s. I figured I was feeling great, running well, why not move on. The few minutes of debating was settled when I ran the first mile at 10m59s which is the fastest pace I have ever set. The mental game was on at that moment and I needed to know if physically I could accomplish what mentally, I really wanted.

27m30s came and I was at 2.38 miles. I thought the mental game started before, but I was wrong. It really began right then because while I was right in front of my house, doing my best not to break my leg on packed down snow/ice that coated the road and driveway, I didnt want to stop at 2.38 miles. I wanted 2.5miles. I wanted to be able to say that I ran 2.5 miles today. After the 2 previous days, I NEEDED to say I ran 2.5 miles.

So I did. In 28m25s I ran 2.5 miles. Talk about an amazing feeling! Challenging yourself, pushing past your personal limits, achieving something that 4 months ago was such a foreign concept. Its amazing.

I have never run that far in my life. I have never run that long in my life. Its an accomplishment for me that I am extrememly proud of.
Running has showed me how to challenge myself and push beyond my self-imposed limits. At 31 I am learning more about myself then I think I did in all of my 20's. That is almost as great of a feeling as running 2.5 miles in 28m25s!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

" were right."

Painful words for any wife to utter.

Disasterous run Day 2. Im not sure what is worse..struggling through 20 minutes when I have been doing 25 or coming home to admit to my husband that he was right and I should have stayed inside. Oh well....I got some interval running done. 26 minutes, 2 miles (more walking then running).....20F w/30mph winds = Subzero temps.

I was bundled up. I mean, seriously....I had my "mad bomber" rabbit fur hat on, my fleece neck thingy, my Under Armour long sleever hoodie and pants, North Face fleece zippy, wind breaker and gloves. I wasnt cold. Well, a little chilly but not cold by any means. Its the 30mph headwind was a battle I wasnt going to win. I fought, I really did but this time, Mother Nature won.

If Im going to run, which I am, in the Sandhills, which is where I live so I have to, I need to learn how to run with the wind. I know this. Today is just not that day.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Treadmill Trauma

BLAH, I hate the treadmill!! I shouldnt hate it because its there for days like today, when single digits temps and wind make running outside completely unappealing. So I grabbed my new shoes (LOVE THEM!!) and jumped on the treadmill for a 25 minute run.
I thought I was going to die. I came close.
I have been doing 25 minute runs for a week now, so my issues had nothing to do with making it through the run. I can do because I have done it. My problem was I get so damn distracted and bored that I keep watching the clock and my pace which inevitably results in a misstep and that typically results in a near death experience. 19m24s in, I had to stop. I really think my life depended on it.
Im just going to have to keep it going outside, even on the coldest days. If its too cold, then I have an eliptical downstairs or I can always go back and do some early interval running for more speed and distance. Either way, long, continuous running on the treadmill, for me, is bad news bears.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Uphill and into a wind

Sounds like the start of a story my parents would tell me about back in the day. You know, the "back when we walked to school uphill, in a blizzard". Well, thats what I was thinking today when my need to run beat out my need to stay in the house and peel the rest of the chicken wallpaper off the wall (new kitchen tomorrow...yeah!!!).

I debated because of the 25-35mph winds that were blowing today, out of the Southwest. My concern was that my runs on the way home, are going Southwest. Heace, a headwind on the way home. Not exactly the best time to have a 25mph winds in your face, the last half of a run.

Upon voicing my concern to my husband, he gave me a look. The one that a wife knows her husband is thinking "you moron" but he will never say it out loud. Thinking it is ok though.

"Why dont you go the other direction?"
Ahhhh....Now why didnt I think of that!! Cause he is the brains of the family and Im the...well.....anyhoo.....

So I went West, straight into the headwind. I pushed much harder then I have in any other run....and still was at a measly 4.5mph!! UHHHH....crazy slow, I typically stay between 5.4-5.6mph. Then came the hill. A big hill and that was my focus. I was going to make it up that darn hill and I was going to do it into a headwind!! And I did. One step after another, right down the middle of the one lane road, praying no traffic came because I was concentrating way to much to get out of the way. All the while I kept thinking "mother nature wont get the best of me. You may been throwing a headwind at me now but I will turn around and I will use your wind to my advantage. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" The thought of the tailwind blowing me back home was wonderful...Im not gonna lie!

So I get to the top, turn around and start the run back down.

And the wind stops. For the first time in 14 hours the freakin' wind stops. Of course it did.

This was a moment of clarity for me. A moment when I got it, that I can fight and curse Mother Nature as much as I want, but I am still at her mercy. She is in charge of the elements I must face to prove to myself that I can accomplish my goals. She may give me a headwind and then take away the tailwind, just because she can.

Lesson learned....dont curse Mother Nature, she will have the last word.

Eventually, near the bottom of the hill, the wind did kick back up again and I was very appreciative of the tailwind. I paced much better on the way back home and my overall pace was 12m/mile.

I throughly enjoyed running the other direction and plan on adding that in to more then a few runs each week. Not only changing the scenary but also challenging my body in different ways, courtesy of different terrain.

Always remembering that Mother Nature may have the final say with the weather, but I have the final say in how I perform. She can never take that from me.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Pace!

Im SOOOOO excited...I set a new personal pace on my run!!!

I have been pacing 11m44s miles however today, because of the 10-15mph winds I pushed myself harder then before. I hit the 1 mile mark at 11m15s and ended my run with an overall pace of 11m25s!! In total I ran 2.32miles in 26m11s.

Hopefully I can keep that pace going, and really, there isnt any reason why I shouldnt be able to keep that pace. Especially once I get better shoes.

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Im grounded.  Again.  I somehow managed to get a nice, deep cut on the heel of my left foot, so my plans to run today were sidelined.  At least mother-nature backed me up this time around and while it was beautiful and sunny she also sent some crazy Sandhill 20-30mph winds.  I didnt feel so bad about being grounded after that. 

Yet just because I didnt get out and run doesnt mean I didnt think about running.  I decided that I am going to invest in some good running shoes this weekend!  Im very excited and have no idea what I am looking for but I do know there is a sporting good store in town and I will be paying them a visit on Saturday.

I also found a website (and facebook page) for a local running club.  Also very exciting because there are several races and they are only about 90 miles away, which is great!!!  I was all prepared to have to drive to South Dakota, Colorado and Eastern Nebraska for all my races so North Platte is a definately bonus.

No worries, Im still planning on Deadwood , SD in June  I am just hoping I can find something closer earlier then that.  Mostly because I just dont want to wait 6 months to run my first race!!!!

I will admit, its nice to have a reason to go to Deadwood besides just to go to Deadwood, lol!! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Critter free run = Great run

Not that my runs have been bad, just the opposite, but I have to admit, being "critter free" made them even more enjoyable.

Ill start with the run itself.  Week 7, Day 1 = 25 minutes continuous of jogging for 2.17 miles (and 387 caloris burned!!!!).  With the walking warm up and cool down, it was a total of 36 minutes and 30 seconds and 2.8 miles.  The weather was perfect, 38 degrees and again, no wind.  Two days in a row of no wind for my run may be history in the making for the Sandhills.

Critter we go.  My dogs run with me everyday, and I love it.  The Irish setter stays right with me, unless there is a bird to chase, then he is gone.  However when I say "right with me" what I really mean is that he will trot along directly in front of me, stopping when he feels necessary or darting across my path, causing a collision which so far (lucky for him) has not resulted in my crashing onto the ground.  YET.

The other dog, my cow dog, will chase anything and everything possible.  This is where our problem begins.  As usual, yesterday he took off into the trees to chase whatever he could find.  What was unusual was the barking.  He didnt come when I called him, he just kept barking, which isnt like him, so I knew he had something cornered back there.  Reluctantly he finally came to me, and we went on, him staying close to me, so I was then bouncing like a pinball between both of the dogs. 

On our way back, I spotted a little buck on the side of the road. Same place where Husker had his little episode, so I figured thats what he was barking at.  The closer I got, the closer the deer was.  He never moved, he just watched me, which was a little unnerving as thats not typical behavior for deer.  THEN Husker spotted his little buddy and the chase was on.

Sidebar: My cow dog has NO EXCUSE for not catching the cows/calves anymore....he all but had that buck!!!

Fast forward to last night.  Again, excessive barnking, and upon inspection, what do ya little friend had wandered into our front yard.  He started out by the side of the yard, then when Husker started after him, the buck started after my dog!!! YES, he charged my dog...head down, antlers ready for impact, he charged my dog.  Typically, that just makes Husker mad and he goes back for more, but I dont think this was the first time those two had met because Husker ran for cover, and so did Junior. 

At first, it was humorous that this buck, a 2x2 spike, was so close to our house.  MAYBE 6 feet from our front porch.  Then we figured he needed to leave, he was to close and it was dangerous for him.  Shawn tossed a log in his direction to scare him off, and he CHARGED THE LOG!!  Darn critter was on the fight big time.  He charged the second log also, so now we are thinking, he really needs to go.  He is way to aggressive for his own good.  I can just see him getting ticked and jumping through my front window.  I realize that its very rare for that to happen but for those of you who dont know me, the really rare, crazy stuff can and does happen to me.  Example.....1 year ago my dogs chased a coyote onto the roof of my house, where he got stuck.  Yep, if I can get a coyote stuck on my roof, I can get a deer through my window. 

Shawn went and got a gun and shot OVER THE HEAD of the deer, to try and scare him off.  Yea, that was a complete failure also as he just stood there and looked at him. 

At this time, it dawns on me that this is not the first time I have seen this deer.  A week ago, he was standing in the middle of the road, looking at me as I tried to drive.  He wouldnt move....he just stood there, daring me to hit him.  I ended up driving around him because he never did move.

Eventually, he did leave our yard....after Shawn and Piper chased him out with the pick up truck. 

Im not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous for my run this morning, worried about running into my little buddy and worse, if my dog found him, ticked him off, again, and both my dog and I got the wrath of a very annoyed, testestrone driven buck.  My solution to this problem was, much to their dismay, I left the boys at home for my run today.  No dogs also meant no almost tripping, no yelling for anyone to come back or to leave that alone.  No grabbing of collars so they dont jump in front of the 3 cars that will drive past me during my run (Husker thinks everyone wants to take him for a ride in their truck), no getting into the truck when I get back home to find the one who didnt come back with me.  I didnt realize how much energy I spent during my runs making sure the goofy dogs didnt get hit by a truck or take off. 

I also didnt see any other critters.  I dont know where my little 2x2 buddy went, but Im glad he wasnt around and Im hoping he is gone for good.  I had a very peaceful run, and I could focus on my speed and breathing.  Im very happy.  I dont think the boys will be once they find out that their days of running with me may have come to an end.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Make the Time, Take the Time

25 minutes and 2.15 miles STRAIGHT of running, DONE!!!

I cant believe I did it, I really cant.  It was only 2 months ago that I thought I was going to die running for 60 seconds, and now, I just did 25. 

Even better then that is I am officially done with interval training for the C25K.  From here on out, the last 3 weeks are continuous runs consisting  of:

W7: 25 mins for 2.5 miles
W8: 28 mins for 2.75 miles
W9: 30 mins for 3 miles.

Today was also the first time I have been that close to hitting both distance and time I was supposed to get during my runs, so thats a big deal for me also. 

Stats for today: 2.15 miles in 25 minutes (avg. 12min/mile).  It was 39F outside, NO WIND, which was awesome as well. 

So yes, I am bragging and I am proud of myself.  It just proves that if I want something bad enough, even something as simple as being able to run without feeling like Im going to die, its possible.  30 minutes a day, 3-4 time a week.  Make the time, then take the time you make and DO IT!!   

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First run of 2011

Its super cold and blowy outside but I couldnt resist the sunshine!  I completed W6D2, the same day that did me in on Thursday.  Felt so much better today.

My run was very smooth, the roads are clear except for a few drifts, and no traffic.  My dogs had a great time jumping into the snow banks and chasing the deer that were on the meadow. 

It was 20 degrees outside and when I got up near the pivot, the wind was whipping across the open space and it was really cold, but it was all the more reason to keep running.

2.02 miles in 28 minutes.  Happy New Year!!!!