Friday, June 22, 2012

5 Things Friday

1.  I am the worlds worst blogger.  I am not up to race #2 without a recap posted...whats worse is that I rocked that race to a 2nd place age division and overall 10th in Womens 5K.  WHY have I not posted...I dont know...somewhere between lifeguard training (which is easier to do when the pool covers stay on during storms and keeps out the 2 inches of sand that really screwed up my swimming this week), carting kids to doctors appointments, moving cows, cleaning my rockstar moment had come and gone.  But time at Nebraskaland Days 5K.....results are posted here.  Super cool part, is that my mom-in-law (who got me into this lifeguard mess situation position) also ran the 5K, her first and finished in 33:00 FLAT!!  Awesome job Karen!!!!

2.  Brothers wedding is next weekend in Estes Park.  Ive never been, super, SUPER excited to run go there.  Lots of his friends from high school coming and since he is only 2 years younger then me, alot of his friends are mine.

3.  I have fun picture right now...but its red and blonde it!!!  I was a little panicked when some crazy chick wanted to chat and come over, lifted the dryer off and turned it off on cold.  Thankfully, my stylist was right there to run interference and I dont have to take Jamie crazy lady out for messing with my sassy hair :)

4.  Check out this video.  Just a Colorado Gal is giving away not one but TWO entries to The Dirty Dash Mud Run, August 11.  Kinda thinking its about time to add a Mud Run to my race schedule and I really think its the only kind of race that hubby with suck it up run with me.

5.  Its Friday....its going to be 100 degrees today, tomorrow.  And Sunday.  Possibly Monday.  Heat is heat...dry or not....granted dry is better then 100 degrees and 95% humidity but Im from Michigan....humidity is nothing new to me.  However, I have lived here for 3 years......Im over THAT humidity now.

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