Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mom on the brink

Thats new title in life, Mom on the brink...on the brink of insanity, of chaos, of freakout....whatever.  What Im on the brink of doesnt matter as much as the mom part because, frankly, my children have driven me there.  The lovely little darlings that they all are.

Example.....they drove me insane enough to give two of them chocolate pudding.  Only a mom on the brink would do that on purpose.  Or a mom going to work in the shop tonight and leaving the children with daddy.....just sayin'

Prior to the pudding-bribe they got their hands on little cups that Grandma had gotten them....they have twisty straws that go with them but apparently, thats not how today's toddlers like to roll.

Yes, there was  nothing but water all over the floor and yes, they both wiped out.  Thankfully, momma avoided that obstacle or that might have pushed me from the brink, right over the edge.

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