Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bulls, road kill, pinched nerve, wind....its that time of year....CaNU Feel it???

I blame all of the above for my less then spectacular week of running.  And the last to make it all better :-)

The bulls....Ill admit, not your everyday deterrent for runners but here, in cattle country, living on a working ranch....bulls are part of our everyday life.  Most of the year, they are several miles away, doing what they do.  However they cant stay there forever so they are pulled from their girlie friends and moved back.  A mile from my house.  Right along the road that I run. 

I will mention here that bulls have a tendency to wander.  They get bored, and distracted and jump fences.  Well, some of them jump....many of them just walk right through them.  Either way, Im no longer soley focused on stumbling across snakes on the road (or skunks, badgers, coyotes) but now, 1200lbs of wandering muscle.  Really, what I hope is that I see him before he sees me, and I can turn around and go back home.  AND that I see him before he sees me and my dog doesnt see him at all.  The only thing I need less then 1200lbs of wandering muscle in the way is 1200lbs of pissed off wandering muscle.

You wouldnt want to take him on either...or his 24 buddies.

So I have had to revamp my plan a route and just be cautious.  We have only had 1 get out so far and it was the night before my 6 miles, so it was fresh in my mind at 6am. 

I can also mention that right across from the entry to the bulls new home is a very large, very dead, very stinkey skunk.  Smack in the middle of our one lane road.  I really dont think I need to elaborate on that anymore, do i?

My leg is getting least I can feel the tingling in my toes now and before, I just couldnt feel anything.  I have a chiro apppointment on Wednesday so Im really hoping she can breathe some life back into my training.  Or at least not tell me I have to stop. 

Mother Nature has a bee in her bonnet again today.  I was SOOOOO exciting for the high of 72 today.  I had 3 miles planned, in preparation for my longest distance ever tomorrow, 10 miles.  I was soooo looking foward to a nice, cool, critter free run. 

So who ordered the 30 mph winds.  Grrrr...the only thing more annoying was when hubby said "you know you have to learn to run in the wind....."  Really, Ive been running since October and while he may not remember it, we have had some windy days between then and now and I have run in them which is why I choose to conserve my energy for the 10 tomorrow that I cannot afford to not accomplish.  I can do 3 miles, not a problem.....its the 10 Im worried about  Coming from someone who is exhausted when he thinks about MY running 3 miles, I dont think I will take advice from him.

Yes, that one annoyed me just a bit.

The good news today is that its the first day of College Football here in Nebraska!!!!!

Let me tell you a bit about Nebraska and college football.  Its life blood around here.  I grew up in Michigan...Ive been to games at Michigan State, and Ive heard the stories of the Big House in Ann Arbor but I can tell you that there is NOTHING in the state of Michigan like Saturday in Nebraska.  Michigan is home to the "Great Divide".....are you a Wolverine or a Spartan??  Here, we only have 1 team and its all about them.  We are all Cornhuskers.  No questions asked and if your not when you get here, you will be when you leave.  Trust me, its safer for all involved.
Tom Osborne is second only to God, Bo Pellini simply screams states the same thing that the rest of us are thinking and Detroit can thank us anytime for Suh.  The old, the young, and everyone inbetween....Saturday in September, October and November means only one thing in Nebraska.....Husker Football and it all starts today!

CaNU Feel it???  Its GAME DAY!!!!!!

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