Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mizuno Rocks

No, I'm not just saying that because that is my shoe of choice, or because they picked me (along with several thousand other people) to test their shoes for them but because of this:

Consumer Research has sent you a message on BE Wear Test

Subject: Upcoming races

Hi Tara,

We completely understand that upcoming races are super important.  Wear BE as you feel comfortable doing so; we do not want you to jeopardize anything either.  If you can ease into it a little bit at a time, go for it; if you'd like to hold off, then we understand that too.  This wear-test is a long process so take your time.


The BE Team

Mizuno has a Be Wear Testers online forum so the product testers can get together and talk, ask questions, ect without testers.  One of the forums was started to see what other races people were running.  My post was my concerns about how BE is using muscles differently then I'm used to and I was concerned about how it would affect my legs being so close to Denver and then having Monument right after that. 

Im LOVING that 1) Mizuno started the board for us to all chat and compare notes at and 2) that someone from consumer research is reading the boards and 3) that someone from consumer research is understanding and realizes and sending out notes like that so that I know I dont have to push myself and jeopardize my running for their test shoes.  Im testing these things for them, but they get that running and racing is important to me, and getting hurt will put a serious damper on all of it. 

The email tells me that they get it.  They really are a company that values the opinion of their runners and understand that sometimes the "chill out relaxing" shoe might get put on the back burner for the race shoes.  Im still going to wear them, just not as much as I probably  would if I didnt have races on the schedule. far, Im loving them.  Slight aching in my calves the on Saturday night after wearing them for a few hours but Sunday, I felt ok.  Ran 7 with Shawn then wore them all afternoon and no problems whatsoever.  Lovin' BE so far!

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