Sunday, December 2, 2012

Jingle All The Way

Yesterday was the Platte River Fitness Series Jingle Bell Run.  We ran this one together last year in less then stellar conditions but this year, it was PERFECT!  About 50 at start time, sunny, no wind and a great vibe at the starting line!!

This is my entry to worst race photo....kinda look like I might die, hahaha!!!
I met up with a couple friends up there and was able to chat a bit before the race started and I almost got run over by every high school cross country runner in Western Nebraska.  Guess that's what I get for lining up near the starting line, and having not 1 but 2 corners within the first .2 miles :)

Great race, great run....PR for me!!!!  25:21 is my garmin time but clock time wa 25:20.....don't really care (kinda do) because that's 23 seconds OFF my previous PR from Nebraskaland Days!!!  Maybe its the BE's but I felt like I could run that pace forever.....I kinda wanted to keep up with speedy Gonzales aka Rachel, but ya....her and her 7:23 pace....maybe next year, HAHAHAHA!

Great way to end the 2012 race season, and it sets one of my goals for 2013....I want a sub 25 5K next year......oh boy!!!

Went to Wally-world after the race to do some Christmas shopping.....hit the toy aisle, wanted to gouge my eyes out with a hot fork, promptly went to the alcohol aisle and pushed more alcohol then toys.  Yep....that's my kind of Christmas shopping :)

We put our tree up last night during what I supposed is being called the Husker football game.  I'm not gonna rip them to pieces, they looked flat, they got out played.  I believe they put a whooping on some teams this year who looked the bad it was the Championship game that it happened and against Wisconsin, who exploited every mistake and near mistake, using it to their advantage.  That's football.  GO BIG RED!!!!  Very happy Shawn was calm enough to NOT toss Brannon the tree through the window.
Officially the most powerful "person" in the house.

The best part is that Freddie, Santa's little helper, showed up last night in the tree.  Hopefully he can keep Thing 1 and Thing 2 in check this year....and Piper.....and Shawn.....and if he could keep an eye on my husbands naughty puppy, that would be great also. 
She has her head down cause she has done something....not sure what, but something......

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