Thursday, November 29, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Im never going on a long, family "vacation" again.  Oh the trip itself was great, but its the aftermath thats killing me.  Thing 1 regressed in his potty training to 4 accidents yesterday alone (I knew putting him back in diapers during the car trip would bite me in the ass), Thing 2 thinks he is ready to potty train (he was accident free for most of the day...but he was also big boy pant free since he refuses to leave it on, needless to say, Ill be shampooing my carpets this afternoon.)  The time change is kicking everyones butt, Thing 2 thinks sleeping in his own bed is optional but in mine is necessary (NOT a co-sleeping mom...I like my space!!)  Good thing my parents are moving closer.

2.  Hubby is MOTIVATED to work out, he had to find it for himself and he the form of Beastmode and earning a killer bow.  Ill spare you the details unless you want them, but I'm very happy he FINALLY is making his health and fitness a priority.  Granted its not because I told him I want him around forever but because he found inspiration in making himself stronger for some serious back country bowhunting....but still, he is getting it done.  I don't have the health issues in my family he does, so I bug him about it....alot.  The problem is that he wants to run first thing in the morning, which leaves me running at lunch.  I don't mind...but I don't LIKE it.  I prefer to run and watch the sunrise.....I think this might last another few weeks......then we will need to discuss why HE cant run at lunch....but until then, Ill happily support him.  And yes, I go a little Beastmode myself....can never have TOO much motivation ;)

3.  I have ZERO Christmas decorations up.  Why....see #1.  This weekend is my plan and if everyone 3 and under is sedated cooperative we should be good to go.  If not, we might end up like the Griswolds.

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  1. I'm not sure what our moving out there has to do with Thing 2 sleeping w/you, unless it's because you'll be able to come to our place to have your own bed. Otherwise, I'm not co-sleeping w/ him, either, no matter how much I love you and how cute he is.