Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hills and Wind

Being that I live in the Sandhills, running hills isnt something I can avoid.  I have to embrace the hills because I have such a tragic relationship with the dreadmill that unless I only want to be inside, I gotta run conquor the hills. 

And the wind.  Apparently thats never going away either but Im not going to waste valuable blog space complaining about that.  Again.

So yesterday the wind was out of the South so I had to run North, I figured it was a good a time as any to venture down the road and run some hills.  BIG hills...bigger then I really care to run but hey, they were in the first 1.5 miles so I was still fresh.  Got my 3 miles in 29:30 which includes the last .6 into the 20mph winds so I was really happy. 

Felt good today so I kept my previously schedule running date with Katie and we opted for a 4 miler.  Only the second time I have gone that distance and those dreaded hills would be at the end of the run this time, but I knew with someone kicking my booty, I would make it.

And we did!!!  Took us 41:30 with a 10:23 pace, so I am way happy about that!  Im super pumped that our second half splits were faster then our first 2 miles AND the last 2 miles were exactly the same (10:34).  Since those were the ones with the hills AND the tailwind had become a side/head wind, Im very happy with our time!

Really loving the 759 calories my Garmin said I burned.

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  1. Great job on running the hills! I can't avoid them either no matter how hard I try. So I am trying to embrace the hills!