Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Contest entry

OK, so I always see the cool contests to enter but never have sat down and done all the steps to enter one.

But then I saw the Ryders Sunglasses give away at Run to the Bikini and felt that there was no time like now to get myself entered.

Well, there probably is since I have one kiddo fussing cause he needs a nap and one kiddo who is fussing because he got his 6mth shots this morning...but anyway, Im entering the contest and sharing it with you, so you can also enter, and win them over me :-)

Check out Katie's blog...I really like it!!!

FYI - no running for bikini's in my house....bikini's are contrabanned and now allowed anywhere near me.  Instead, I run for cute and sassy jeans but its all the samething, right..... 


  1. lol I'm honored to be your first blog contest :D

    Cute and Sassy jeans are an awesome goal as well, I just work in a bathing suit for 3 months and don't have a 6 month old ;)

  2. Cute jeans are my goal as well! But I am slightly hoping that bikini may come sooner rather than later!