Monday, August 29, 2011

Kiddo Update

Its been a few weeks since I have done a kiddo here we go....update on Hanna family munchkins and their shenanigans....

Piper Kate is back from Michigan and doing great.  She started 4th grade, which seems to be alot like 3rd grade (same teacher even....perks of a super small school) only with more 'tude.  She was in the Junior Rodeo this weekend and did a great job!!   Being that she didnt get any riding time in this summer and only 4 days worth before the rodeo, Im ridiculously proud of her!!!

Headed to the barrels

Piper and her best friend, Badger.

My girlie, waiting for her run.
Photo Courtesy of Audra Austin - 2011

My middle child...oh where to begin with him....well, he is almost 2...that about sums it all up.  His brother is his current favorite toy, aside from anything that he can climb, thats really his favorite thing to do.  He recently got his first ride in by himself on my mother in law's pony and he is now addicted to the horses.  Maybe worse then his sister.  And his mom.  He wont go anywhere without his "wope" or his "at" and has added several words to his dictionary...such as "wope" (rope) and "hat"  He has said a few it was "there is horsey" and yesterday "did you see that?"  He may be a 2 year old monster but he is also the sweetest little boy, your heart cant help but melt when he smiles at you.

If that face doesnt scream "2 year old" I dont know what does.

Yes, he is out in public in nuthin' but a diaper....what can I say, small town USA.

Wopin' and Widin' his horsey
Then there is B....Big B, Beezer, Baby Blue Eyes....for being the youngest, he is FAR from the smallest.  At least check he had 3lbs on his big older brother.  He is walking, started at 10 months and hasnt stopped.  He LOVES to be held and I blame the colic for that.  The other 2 were not clingy, they were/are very independent and really dont want the help you offer.  Not the story with B...he wants your undivided attention as long as he is awake, which isnt always possible with 2 older siblings.  He screams alot and unfortunately for him, he doesnt seem to get the concept of "she isnt going to cave before me" but eventually, he will get it.  That being said he is my lover boy....he LOVES to cuddle (thats the good and bad part) and he has this infectious giggle that you cant help but smile when you hear.  And the eyes...the  biggest, bluest eyes ever.  He is as blonde as Sage is dark and those eyes just jump out of his head.
Walking man!!

Happy Boy!

This is how he chills at the rodeo
My kiddos are my life....they are each a gift from God and such individual packages of fun and excitement...well, not always fun but always exciting.  I look forward to watching them grow and their next long as it doenst involve hospital trips or permanment scars, we will be good to go!
My babies.....August 2011 - Denver Zoo

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