Friday, May 4, 2012

48 hrs...but who is counting.....

Oh wait, I am....we already established that.

2 days from now the race will have STARTED!!!  Or I should say, the gun will have gone off and the crazy fast 5-6:00/mile runners will have taken off.  The rest of us will be waiting another 15-20 minutes to cross the starting line but at least we will BE THERE in our running skirts and shoes.

Weather looks chancy.  Typical Nebraska in Spring.  So far in the last 4 days the temp has dropped from 80 degrees to 7654  but the wind has gone from 1467 and I believe we are currently at 20.  Humidity is all over the place....75 to 87 to 72 to 98%. 


Possible thunderstorms and tornados.  YAY BABY!!! 

Game plan
1) Finish!!  Sounds simple, but really....not so much.  I dont know what to expect....Ive never done this before.  I think I am going to rock it.  I PLAN on rocking it.  But we all know that sometimes my plans go to hell in a handbasket faster then Usain Bolt finishes a 100 meters (9.72 seconds, FYI) so my A #1 GOAL is to FINISH.  P.S. If I dont cross the finish line, I dont make it on HuskerVision.....that would be a waste of a trip to Lincoln...just sayin'

2) To Run a SOLID, STRONG race.  Ive trained.  Ive put in the runs, battled the weather, my head, my body and WON.  I can do this.  I got this.  I just need to put it all together and get it done.

3) Have fun and enjoy the experience.  This will be the longest run I have done (my top is 10 miles so far..but hey...if you can run 10 you can run 13.  And maybe even the .1 at the end :), the largest race (10,000 people), and from what I hear incredible crowd support.  Cowbells, polka music, magicians, homeowners handing out orange slices to runners and yelling your name (names are on our bibs!!).  I want to experience and take it all in and just enjoy the cumulation of a 12+ months of work.

4) Put it all together....ok, at the risk of screwing with #1 terribly....Im gonna shoot for between 2:00 and 2:05.  Im going to line up in the front of the 2:05 pace group and hopefully pull away around 7 miles and push for a 2 hour time.  Of course...thats the tentative plan....Mother Nature may put a wrench in my plan but oh well.....THATS why FINISHING is #1.

Looking forward to a great weekend and experience with great friends!!  Moms weekend kids, no hubbys....who would have thought we would make it around a 1/2 marathon.  Typically, these weekends involve alcohol, food we wouldnt usually eat, karaoke and dancing.  Pretty sure we wont be doing most of those things but I guess its time to prove to our husbands that we really can have fun, in a group, without alcohol.  Or karaoke.  Or dancing.  Maybe dancing.


  1. Have a great weekend! I am sure you will do great and I can't wait to hear your race recap!

  2. I'm not making any promises on NO alcohol:)