Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just like Daddy

Me to Sage: Lets go potty on the potty today!!!!  (Please feel free to input lots of fake excitement and jubilation that moms are required to use when trying to convince a stubborn boy 2 year old that going pee on the potty is way more fun the it really is),

Sage: Nope

Me:  Lets put on your Mater big boy pants and not pee on him (again, insert all the same stuff from above)

Sage: Nope (nooo excitement whatsoever)

Me:  We (when did this really become a team effort....last time I check, I am potty trained) can go into the bathroom, and you can sit on your Mater potty seat and not pee on your Mater big boy pants and it will be fun (starting to have trouble bringing the fake fun out)

Sage: Mater SEEEEATTTTT (I got his attention)

Me: Yep...lets go (the Mater seat has been there for 2 months.....)

We go into the bathroom and all he wants to do is stare at Mater and Lightening McQueen on the seat. 

Me:  Lets sit down and go potty

Sage: NO SIT ON MATER!!!!  (Ok then....)

Me:  Want to go outside and go potty? (Last resort)

Sage:  Like Daddy? 

Me:  Yep, just like daddy

He marched his little naked booty to the door, out onto the step and assumed the position.  Nothing happened but he has since done it 3 more times.  Now its "Potty like Daddy"...wonder what Shawn will think of that statement :)

I thought he would want a Cars potty seat.  He does..he just wont sit on them :)

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