Saturday, May 19, 2012

Are YOU ready for the Challenge???

I have started a new adventure in my life.  I am now a Body by Vi Promoter!  It all happened so quickly, to be honest, my head is kinda spinning husband says that normal, but in a good way!  A VERY good way.

It all started a few weeks ago when Jamie mentioned that she had started taking these shakes and how great she felt.  That was the week of the Lincoln 1/2 (which I KNOW, I haven't blogged about, I don't really know why....overwhelming experience I'm still processing I guess....but I will get one out) where Heather and I struggled more then a little bit and Jamie rocked out.  I mean she was singing along with her iPod at Mile 11 something bitch.  After, she felt great and Heather and I were slowing pulling ourselves together, she commented on how it MUST be her shakes and possibly the beer she had the night before. 

I had already succumb to peer pressure signed up and ordered a Balance Kit and after seeing her after Lincoln, I couldn't WAIT to get started on Monday.

Let me start here by saying I am NOT a breakfast person.  Not so much, never have, never will, no desire to get up and cook food at 7am 6am 545am.  Its a terrible habit and I know this.  I have tried to change it but that resulted in drive thru McDonalds and Burger King, neither of which were high on the healthy menu.  I figured I would try the shakes for a month as my breakfast to try and jump start my day.  I didn't really expect much...I figured it was a fad thing.  I would do the shake, feel nothing, finish the month and move on to something else. 

Yep, looks just like the pic :)
Soooo not what happened.  I tried my first shake and WOW, 1) it was DELISH!!  I mean soooo yummy!!!!  Butterfinger (we will get into the dessert for breakfast aspect of Body by Vi in a bit...but we will get there) and yes, I used my finger and cleaned out the glass.  That was at 6ish in the morning and it was well after 12pm before I realizes it was time for lunch.  No snacking.  No searching for food or something to keep hands busy so I didn't go looking for food. 

I did go and clean the kitchen, do a load of laundry and play with my kids!  I felt GREAT....I was PRODUCTIVE.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!

This pattern repeated itself the rest of the week and so on....the only exception being was the day I didn't get a shake and I felt like crap all day.  And the day I went back to running, had a shake and after a week off from running, 1 lost toe nail, pulled hammy and aching ankle.....Body by Vi pushed me to a nice easy, 3 miles in 27 8:53 average pace!!  After a week off WITH some aches and pains. 

It was A.MAZE.ING.

and SOLD.  I knew that this was a product that could and was changing my life.  And I want to share that with all of you.  If you are looking to lose some weight or just add some extra nutritional balance into your already healthy lifestyle, then look no further! 
Little color starts the day off right!!

Body by Vi can and does help with BOTH weight loss and nutritional balance.  The "shake mix that tastes like a cake mix" has everything you need to get your day started off on a good foot, nourish your body and help promote weight loss.  There are HUNDREDS of recipes.....want something fruit....Sex on the Beach....something sweet Chocolate covered strawberries (told you, dessert for breakfast).  Apple Pie, Angel Food Cake, Watermelon, Raspberry Fizz, the list goes on and on.  You make what you feel like in the morning.....sweet, make something sweet.  Want something fruity....go for fruit.  ITS UP TO YOU!!  YOU make the decisions.  YOU make the commitment.  YOU get the results. 

YOU take the CHALLENGE.  90 Days to a new you.

Best part (ok, well maybe not the best but super cool) is that you dint have to be a promoter or distributor to gain financial benefits from BBV.  ANY customer can get their monthly supply for FREE just by referring 3 people to the shakes.  You try, you like...tell 3 friends, they try and they like and YOU get YOURS for FREE (as long as their orders total enough to cover yours....details...I know, but if you try and we get to that point, Ill explain more, promise!)  How much does that ROCK!!!  Totally and completely, I will have you know. 

And just cause we are there....if you want MORE financial return....becoming a promoter doesn't cost a fortune ($49 for basic) and you get 10% of your customers sales.  I made $68 in well, 3 days.  Doesn't sound like much, but when you consider all I did was post on Facebook how much I loved my morning shake-of-the-day, and send out some samples.....$68 wasn't to tough to make.  In 3 Days. 

Check out some transformations here and here .

If you are interested and would like more information sent me an email at tarahanna1108 at hotmail dot com or head to my Body by Vi page and surf for more  and I will be crazy excited for you to feel as awesome as I do glad to help you start a new journey to health. 

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