Tuesday, March 13, 2012

30 Day Update

ok, ok....33 days and yes, I am a terrible blogger.

Ill give a quick update, spare you the really gory details and then start all over again, like a dedicated blogger would should.

In the past 30 days I have:

*Run a 8:08 mile (BOOYAAA!!!!)
*Helped pull a calf (needed some assistance in this adventure but not totally my fault.....a 93lb calf was a tuff pull for hubby)
*Battled croup...again. 
*Went snowmobiling in Deadwood
*Hit a tree while snowmobiling in Deadwood

*Won $260 playing 3 card poker in Deadwood (Gotta love 3 Queens!!)
*Ordered/bought my own gun (in my name and EVERYTHING)
*Failed an EMT class test
*PASSED an EMT class test
*Made a really dumb decision to put inserts into my shoes.....and gave myself a blister the size of 2 quarters on my right heel. 
*Thanks to my dumbass attack with the insoles and the resulting blister, I ended up causing issues in my right knee from gimping around on my left.
*Got my first bucket calf of the year and spoil her rotten on a daily basis.  Twice a day.

*I can do 50 pushups in a row.  BOY push up even.
*OFFICIALLY became a business owner. 

I did alot more that.....nothing particular stands out but I know I was flippin' BUSY!  The boys keep me going ALL.DAY.LONG.  Sometimes straight to a bottle of wine at the end of the day but Im ok with that.

Its finally NICE out but Im not gonna lie, I kinda missed winter.  Dont get me wrong, I love the early morning running in 35 degrees as opposed to that being the HIGH for the day at 2pm but Im a snow baby...what can I say.  This winter was disappointing for me in that respect.

However, the half is 56 DAYS AWAY!!!  Im right where I want to be, really.  My max distance right now is 7 but like Kari said if we can run 7 feeling like poo that had just been run over by a truck, we should be ok making it 13.1 feeling like rockstars.  Im not to the rockstar feeling yet but Im hoping that will take over with the atmosphere in Lincoln race day. 

I am running 2 races in Michigan this weekend....Bay City St. Patricks Day 8K and Clare Irish Festival 5K.  Ill have full race reports sometime next week....maybe.  Thats the "good blogger" plan at least.  Im looking forward to a visit to the Mitten and taking Thing 2 with me.  Piper is going also but will be spending the weekend with her dad and his family while Bran and I hang with my parents.  Sager Danger is going to stay home and spend lots of QT with Grandma help daddy calve. 

All in all...busy 30 + 3 days since my last post and busy days to come....ready, set, GO!!!

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