Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Professional Help

Hi, my name is Tara and Im an addict.  An addict to something I havent done before.  I am addicted to half marathons. this possible???  Can you be addicted to something you really havent experienced yet??  Can you plan the next 2 3 4 before you finish start the first??

Apparently, in my head, you can.

Im 6 weeks away from the starting line for Lincoln and while Im focused on my current training, I have already started compiling the list of future potential 1/2's. 

I figured I could do another one in the fall....enter Monument Marathon.  An inaugural run in Scottsbluff which is only a couple hours from my house BONUS!!!!! 

Rock N' Roll Denver is in September, but so is Crazy Horse in the Black Hills of South Dakota (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!).  I talked last year about running Vegas at night and that is in December.  When I look at those 3 THEN I start thinking about Half Fanatics....if Im going to do all this running I might as well keep going and get some extra shirts and bling for it (cause its all about the clothes and the medals...duh.) 

Forget about all the ones I could put on my schedule for next year....just near where I live....Kearney, North Platte, Grand Island.....oh my!  Deadwood......*sigh*

Told ya....I need professional help.

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