Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Things for Friday

1.  I hate allergies.  Let me state that again, I HATE ALLERGIES.

2.  I have a sick dog.  And a lame horse.  And a bucket calf who doesnt handle wind well and results in getting sick.  The upside to the last is that the bucket calf is so gentle that she leads better then my dog does on a leash.  The downside is that she didnt want to go into the barn.  The upside is that I am stronger then the bucket calf.  She went into the barn.

3.  Went to the chiropractor on Wednesday and got all adjusted.  If everthing would just stay put and no shift to where it feels it should go, I would have alot less pain and alot more money in my pocket.

4.  Potty training has officially begun.  I got Sager Danger a Cars potty seat and a box of bandaids for bribery (easier then him convincing me a spot of spaghetti sause is a fatal injury that MUST have a bandaid) and he refused to wear a diaper.  He is telling me when he has to go....but thats usually when he is already going.  Timing issue....typical male....he will get it (I think).

5.  Im going to Ladies night out tonight that Ranch Rebel (aka Jamie and Heather) at the daycare in town.  I dont need anything....I want alot (most of what is already in my bedroom as I have ZERO self control when it comes to cute clothes) so I dont really need to go, but I am because I am a nice, supportive peson.  And I have been stuck in the house with the sicko's for a couple days....they need some QT with him. 


  1. Have a great weekend! And good luck with potty training. That is never fun!

  2. Good luck with the potty training, I do not envy you that task, I am so glad to be done with that (and to have had kids who did it quite easily)!