Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recap.....of everything

So I have been absent lately but its been a busy week!  Ill do a quick recap and Im thinking thats all the boys will give me time for.

Arthur County Fair 5K.....30:35.  There is a KILLER hill in the middle....I mean smack at 1.6 is when you start the climb.  Its long, steady increase and just when you think your safe, you have to turn around and go up it again.  Yes, up hill both ways.  Ill take a 30:35 for 3.25 miles uphill into the wind.

Sunday morning I did get up and run my longest distance yet....7 miles.  I did it in 1:13:24 with a pace of 10:29.  I was shooting for 10:30 as my pace so Im very happy with that.  This week is a relatively easy week of 3 miles, two 4 mile runs and then the not so easy day of 8 miles.  However the night after the 8 mile we are driving to Denver to go pick Piper Kate up from the airport so Im sure I will FLY through that run!!

The county fair was this past week also so we were crazy busy with that.  I cant imagine how busy we will be when the kids are all participating in 4H activities and I have a horse ready for the fun day.  I was exhausted with 2 rodeos, a 5K and just going back and forth for 3 days.  Im glad I stuck with my schedule though and got my running in......Im really trying hard to stay focused for the 1/2 and not let anything interrupt my training.  Lets hope it keeps going smoothly when school starts in a week.

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