Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revenge is sweet

I got it!!  I got my revenge on my Disasterous attempt at 8 miles last week. 

I know, you are not aware of it because I did not blog about it....that, with the capital D should tell you just how un-fabulous it was.

Anyway, I moped about it for a few hours but thankfully was distracted by the fact that we went to the airport that night to pick up Stinkerbell after 3 months in Michigan with her dad.  Totally softened the blow.

I had some good runs this week, felt stronger but maxed at 4 miles so I didnt really expect much of a challenge from them.

I have a pinched nerve in my back, which is causing my left leg to be numb and yesterday was the Junior Rodeo which Stinkerbell was riding in, and I had 3 miles on the schedule...but with everyone going on, I took another day off.  I know I can do 3 and I can do it in good time so I wasnt to concerned.

My schedule had 6 on it today and they felt when I got the the end of my driveway, I turned around and went back out a mile...knowing that once I was gone, I had to run back and I would have my sweet revenge on the 8 miles. 

And I did.  Feels AWESOME!!!!!
My splits werent even that bad.......I was hoping for a sub 10 and my average was 9:58. 

Maybe this 1/2 isnt impossible after all :-)

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  1. Congrats on your long run! I am glad you got your revenge!