Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hills, Wind and of course...critters

OK, so no critters during the run but it was because of critters that I had to change my route. Once was this guy....

Ok, not this specific guy....add horns and a really, really bad attitude and that is who was in the road last night.  Again.  He has already been put back twice and apparently he feels the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, because he refuses to stay on his side of the fence.  Did I mention the horns and bad attitude. 

So I went the other direction.....which happens to be North West of my house.  And up a killer hill.  Not just hill, but a killer hill. 

I psyched myself up for the run, which took some extra doing because of the killer hill.   Had a sitter lined up to watch the boys so I could run (and do some homework...not totally a bad mom) and was all dressed and ready to drop children off at appropriate locations. 

Then the sun came up.  And with the sun, came the wind.  All 35mph of it.....and guess what....

Just guess...please.... got it...straight out of the North West.

Literally, this was an uphill, straight into a headwind run.  And frankly, I hated every minute of it.  Then it was over.....and I was so proud of myself.  Because while I hate running in the wind, its a necessary evil and each time I finish a run when I have been saying "why do I do this to myself" I have the answer when its all over. 

I do it because I can.

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  1. Those angry cows are no fun! Though, my friend and I have a different type of animal mad at us when we ride our bikes by it. A donkey just goes freakin' crazy. He brays and chases us along the fence line. Thank goodness for the fence!

    Great job on the hard run!