Monday, October 24, 2011

Life if good.

Such a great day!!!  I know its only 237pm and that leaves PLENTY of time for things to go drastically downhill but so far, great day!

Stinkerbell doesnt have school today we she is hanging out at rushing to school or begging her to get dressed and her stuff around.  Just a relaxed morning.

Went to feed with Shawn....took 30 minutes but hey, I was OUTSIDE and felt like I was doing something on the ranch. 

Went for a run.....3 miles felt so great, that I kept going for 4.  LOVE IT!

Its 80 degrees outside right now so once Shawn comes back from doing whatever he is doing, Piper and I are headed out on our first horseback ride JUST THE 2 OF US in a very, very long time.

I have not cleaned my house.  Why...because I wont regret not doing will still be there tomorrow.   I WILL regrent not doing the rest of the stuff I have done......enough said.

Tonight.....BBQ chicken on the grill and carving pumpkins......Love it good.

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