Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad blogger

Yes, I am a bad was kind of a busy week so I didnt get much "sit down and blog" time.  But now, the satellite for our tv is out, the repair guy wont be here till Tuesday afternoon so I cant sit down and catch up on bad reality television I seem to be addicted to and DVR cause hubby would rather drive hot knives threw his eyes then watch Real Housewives of anything.  Really...thats what he told knives.

Lots of running this week.....Katie and I went for 6 on Friday and got it done in less then 60 minutes.  Ok so it was only by 32 seconds but it was less then 60.  It was a tough run for  both of us, and neither are really sure why....Im thinking the 25 degress when we started filling our lungs with cold air might have something to do with it. 

Then, Katie and I both had to get our kiddos to Kearney, where Emma's dad was going to take them to Lincoln and Piper's dad was driving in from Michigan to spend the weekend with her.  They got Michigan State vs. Nebraska tickets for Saturday and took Piper.  Huskers trounced all over the Spartans, 24-3, in case you missed it.

Then Saturday, hubby found a snowmobile trailer about 4 hours away from our house in Colorado.  Lets do the math shall we.....1pm to 11pm would be 10 hours then 6am - 4pm would be another 10 hours.....add them together and thats how much time I spent in a car in just 27 hours.  20 hours out of 27. 

And true to form....40 minutes into our 10 trip on Saturday, we heard the tell-tale sound of a child puking.  Thankfully, he had his blanket in his lap when he did so he didnt get it on his jammies, but we didnt have many options (as in none) for where to put the sour, pukey smelling hand knit blanket he loves so much. 

Windows were open ALOT!!

And I dont want to see the inside of a car for a very, VERY long time.

However while we were on our adventure (Katie and I, not Shawn and I) we did pick up some tulle for our Jingle Bell Run 5K costumes!!  So far, red and white...thinking of adding green but we shall see...I could only find lime green and that turned the tutus into more "Halloween Town" then "Jingle Bell Rock".  Gotta find the perfect, darker green to go with the red and white.  We also may have a few more friends dressing up with us, so that should be a good time!!!

Im thinking Im headed out for a few miles this morning....I only have one kid awake....the other lasted 12 minutes before he got a one-way ticket back to bed. 

Other big thing in the Hanna house this week...Sager Danger is sleeping in a big boy bed and doing great!!! 

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  1. That is a long time in the car! No Fun!

    I am a worse blogger. I just can't think of anything to write about.

    I love the idea of your Jingle Bell Run costumes!

    Have a great week!