Monday, October 10, 2011

Regularly Scheduled Run....Day 1

So very happy to report that I am back to my regularly scheduled runs.....yea!!! 

I have made it through 1.  A whopping 3 miles but at this point in time, anything is better then nothing at all.

Got up early, out the door at 640am (not quite sunrise time but light enough that I dont have to worry about getting run over)...crisp, clear, GORGEOUS morning in the Sandhills.

This is why I run.  Well, that and the way I feel after its all over but it didnt take much to get me going once I hit the road.  Hot pink clouds hit the blue sky as the beep on my Garmin told me I was at 1 mile.  Not extra critters for the boys to chase, just me and my pups. 

As close to heaven as Im gonna get for awhile. 

Now, Im blogging...a short, random blog.  I should be cleaning.  Well, I did clean a room is all picked up and vaccumed, but the kitchen is calling and really, I hate cleaning the kitchen.  So Im blogging. 

But at least I got a run in today!!!

1 comment:

  1. Great job on getting that run done! I hate kitchen cleaning also. Mainly because the mess is never from my making!