Sunday, October 16, 2011

5 miles and an epiphany

You can throw sand in the sandbox but Im going to run laps around it.

Thats my new motto.  Why would I (or anyone really) want to sit in a sandbox and throw sand at other just end up with it in your eyes, in your teeth and looking like a mess.  So, Im not going to do it.  Instead, when playing in the sandbox, if stuff starts to get tossed around, Im getting out, and going for a run.

Running helps me keep my verbal filter in check.  I can yell and scream all I want when I am out on a run, and I can get feelings and emotions out that are mine, and may or may not be warranted.  Either way, its better for all involved (especially ME) if I dont share my feelings (i.e. keep my filter in place) until I can get the raw part of it under control.  Once I do that, then I realize, that other peoples problems and insecurities, are just that...other peoples.  Im not responsible for them, their actions, or reactions.  I am only responsible for my own. 

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