Friday, November 11, 2011

Freedom isnt free

Maybe this is why I always had a thing for a man in uniform :-)  Those 2 dashing men in uniforms are my Grandfather and his twin brother, Wayne (Papa) and Warren.  Dont ask me which is which cause I never could tell them apart. 
They both fought in WWII, as glider pilots and Warren was a turret bombing instructor for B52 bombers.  They flew in air support for D-Day.

Todays post isnt about running, it really isnt about anything other then saying THANK YOU to the men and women who volunteer to serve to protect our country.  Its also for the mothers and fathers, brothers, sister, cousins, children, and everyone and any else who has a loved on who serves or has served at one time or another.

Freedom is far from free.....someone, at sometime, in someplace, made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live the lives we live, and all to often, take for granted.  Never forget...someone died so we could go for long, relaxing runs, because we want to, because its our choice and right as Americans. 

Someone died so we could have those rights....NEVER FORGET.

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