Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sub 9, Lincoln, and tutus

Not my best week of running.  One of those weeks where life and the parenthood get in the way of that all important "me" time.

I guess I cant really blame it all on them, I was sick for a couple days and that knocked me out pretty good.  My Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan was shot so I didnt hit any great mileage but I did run my arse off yesterday for 3 miles and FINALLY hit a sub 9:00 for not 1 but TWO miles. 

Mile 1: 9:28
Mile 2: 8:54
Mile 3: 8:48

Those last 2 miles made up for feeling terrible about not getting out on Monday (Halloween) or Wednesday (sick).  I did run on Friday also with Katie and we did 4 in 39:42.  I was still feeling a little weak after 6 days off so I didnt have much to push with.  My goal was a sub 40 and I got it.  Only 18 seconds to spare but I dont really was 24 degrees when we started, Ill take what I can get.

Im really getting excited about running longer distances.  The registration for the Lincoln 1/2 and full open in December and Im signing up!!  Early, I know but I need to commit to it now...then its offical.  Its a real goal and not something that will just fade away.  Plus I have my running buddy from here, Katie, running with me and another running friend, Stacy, I graduated from high school with who is planning on running also.  She lives in NYC and I have picked her brain about distances for awhile.  Wasnt until last week when I found out and ankle injury forced her out of the NYC full, that I joked and said "come run Lincoln with me?".  We made a little bet on the Nebraska/UofM game regarding race day attire and then it was set.  She is coming to run Lincoln with me in May so now I am EXTRA committed to running.  Now, not only do I have people from here going with me, I have people flying in to run it.  No backing down now.....its about time for serious, safe training to begin so I can run and have a great race and a great time with my running buddies from all over the country. 

Before we get to that part though, there is a little Jingle Bell 5K here in December.  Katie and I are going, as are some other runnning chickies from out little town.  Katie and I are dressing up.....the red and white tule has been purchased, the red and white striped socks located, and....the rest is still a work in progress.  Of course there will be pictures and maybe, even more then 2 of us in tutus....Im hoping we can do some convincing of the other ladies and if we cant...Ill keep giving them wine until they succumb.  If you can laugh at yourself, then whats the point of laughing.......

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  1. You had a great run! I would love to see those mile splits again.

    Congrats on taking the marathon plunge. I hope you have a great cycle of training.