Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wrong shoes + sparkle leggins - hat = First Run Failure

Well, I ended up with an afternoon run yesterday (Monday) because, well, I had to much stuff going on during the day and didnt have a sitter...aka...hubby was helping move the neighbors cows and didnt get back in time to watch the boys in the morning.

So I had mentioned to Piper that there was a 1 mile kiddo run during the Jingle Bell Run in December and of course, she immediately remembered my telling her "if you want a tutu, you gotta run...."

That was it....she was running in the race, she was going to tie for First place with her friend Emma (Katie's daughter) and that was that.

I told her to get dressed and she did.  Without listening to a word her RUNNER mom said and ended up in sparkly black leggings, black and white decorated converse tennis shoes, and a blue hoodie bcause it "doubles as a sweater and a hat MOM..." 

Gee, why didnt I think of that.....

Out the door and off we, the poster child for Cold Gear and, well, the poster child for an 80's rock band.

She lasted .16 miles before she said "ok, love ya, BYE"

Wrong shirt + wrong shoes + really wrong leggings - warmth for her head = first run failure.

No worries, she wants to try again but this time, I get to help dress her.....we shall see how that one goes.

Anway, I finished off 3 miles in 27:14!  Felt great, and I think I will have that sub 26 SOON!!!  I keep telling myself I had it yesterday, then Stinkerbell came along just long enough to jack up my first mile pace.....9:25 isnt bad, but Im sure I would have pushed it much harder if I hadnt started out pacing her tennis shoes.  No worries though....I loved those .16 miles and cant wait for her to try again.  And she will try again....she is obsessed with the idea of a tutu...nothing is going to get in the way of her running in a tutu.

The problem of the week is daylight savings time....and now that its dark at 430pm, if I do end up running at night, I need some nighttime gear.  Reflective vests, jacket...headlamp.....suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

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