Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day

I have to say that Turkey Day is one of my favorite holidays.  Not because we get to sit and eat, and not because we travel what seems like all over God's green Earth to spend the day with family we really dont live that far from and really should make more of an effort to see more often.  Actually, its the opposite of that....on Turkey Day, I try to make sure the crazy-train that is my life slows down.  Even if its just for a few long as its chills out its engine at the station so I can sit and relax, then its a good day for me.

Im also very behind in my Thankfuls, so I figure here is as good a place as any to get caught up....since Facebook will let me type so many characters in in the status bar, and Im sure I need more then the space allotted.

1-14...please see first 2 weeks of Novermber status updates on Facebook (see, behind...didnt totally forget)

15.  Zensah Ankle Compression sleeve.....apparently I tweaked my ankle yesterday and its throbbed all night. 

16.  Internet.....alot of family and friends far, far away.

17.  5 Hour Energy

18.  My 4 legged critters.....the dogs, and the horses who give unconditional love and keep our lives interesting...Im missing the morning ride this morning...can you tell.
19.  Coffee - while I dont drink it, my hubby does and it makes for a much nicer husband morning.

20.  Friends - the ones I see and talk to all the time and the ones I dont see very much....they keep me grounded, make me laugh, tell me its ok to cry, and anyone of them would sit in a jail cell next to me going "we are really in trouble but that was fun!!!"

21.  Deadwood -  google it...I need a Deadwood trip with members of the above mentioned "Thankful" soon!

22.  Running - as it has changed my life.

23.  Baby monitors that make soothing, white noise in the form of crickets and wind, at the touch of a button.

24.  Happiness -  I am happy.  I love my life, the ups and the downs, the good and the bad.  Im learning how to learn from every situation, how to guard my heart without closing down.  I see beautiful sunrises when I go for a run, and a million stars at night, without any tall buildings or traffic to interfere. 

Here is to wishing you all a very Happy Turkey Day.....I have 4 bottles of Moscato, 2 six packs of Moose Drool and 2 quarts of vanilla ice cream...what else do I need????

Happy Thanksgiving