Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Resolutions

Im not very good at keeping New Years Resolutions, therefore, my first resolution is to set REALISTIC goals and KEEP THEM!!!!

Cheesy, I know, but what can I say....thats how I am.

2011 Resolutions

1~ Set Realistic Goals and KEEP THEM.
2~ Run in six 5K's.  Once I get them set, I will post them on my blog so I have to look at them everytime I log in!!
     *This may not seem realistic to some people, only running in 6 when I am working so hard to reach those goals.  The unfortunate fact is that for the most part, I will have a minimum of 2 hour drive to get to each race, and alot of them are much longer then that, and will consist of an over-night trip.  Not always the easiest thing to schedule with a family of 5.
3~ Keep my house visitor ready.
4~ Compete in the Women's 3 Event at the Arthur County Fair.
     *This has been a goal for the past 2 years but having my kiddos kept getting in the way.
5~ Lose 35 lbs.

I think 5 Resolutions is plenty for me.  Each of those includes its own set of work and dedication so collectively, I think Im good.

What your goals for 2011?  Whatever they may be, good luck achieving them.  I am a firm believer in accomplishing anything you set your mind to and my mind is set!!

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