Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pushing past the pain

Im really happy that I didnt get any injuries until I was 2 months into the program. Even now, it isnt an "injury" so to speak, just a little to much pain aching through my calf. Normally, I would sit and rest it for a few days, some ice, some heat and it would magically go away. So would, Im afraid, my dedication and determination for running.
The aching I have now is kinda like a shin splint, only its on the inside of my right leg. My calf is sore to the touch and it hurts when I have any pressure on my leg (i.e. my 1 year old crawling all over me). I tried the treadmill a few nights ago (Wednesday) thinking that maybe running there would be less painful, but that didnt work. Only made it hurt more so when I was done it hurt with every step I took.
Thursday I took it back outside where it didnt hurt nearly as much during the run and but it was definately sore after. Not as bad as the treadmill but still, very sore. I tried pushing past the pain but there comes a point in time when the pain wins. Its your body trying to tell you something and mine was screaming "SIT YOU ARSE DOWN FOR A FEW DAYS AND GIVE ME A BREAK""". My fear now is that its more then just a shin splint but something more, like a stress fracture or a tear in the ligament. That would me ALOT of time not running which isnt something I want right now. Not only would I lose the progress I currently have, but running is my break in the day. Its MY TIME, which as any mom will tell you, is precious and NOT to be screwed with.
Begrudgingly have since come to the conclusion that I need to rest it for a few days. Friday through Sunday and not run. The say "time heals all wounds" and that is exactly what I am hoping for. Few days off from running, little more ice, little more heat and healing of sore muscles. My some new shoes also....Im sure those wouldnt hurt.
I couldnt totally get away from exercising so today I did go for a 3 mile walk with Baby B on Friday and me leg wasnt really sore at all! I am so happy. Im extremely encouraged and hoping this means that a few days from running and I will be able to get back into pain free mode and get back to business. I would do a happy dance right now but my luck I would trip over a baby toy and be in worse shape then I started with.

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