Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My run and my buddies.

Thats my playground. Well, part of it. Actually, thats the only part of my run that includes trees, lol!

But that is, indeed, the road I run on and the view I love.

This is what keeps me motivated. The chance to get out of my house and into the fresh air. Peace and quiet brings me peace of mind.

I also have the 2 BEST running companions a girl can ask for....Husker and Junior. No one better to run with then a cow-dog and a bird-dog.

Dont mind the snow....that was taken last year. The pictures of them sitting still while outside are few and far between.

I love living in the hills and running on the one lane oil strip. My running mates loves to run into the trees and chase whatever they can find, which so far has resulted in 4 deer, lots of birds, a jack rabbit (a fast one, thank goodness!) and a coyote. The coyote didnt cross my path....he went out the other side of the trees and across the meadow.

I wanted to share a little piece of my daily run. Show you where I go for my relaxation and sanity. Right there, in the middle of the road, that runs through the middle of the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska.

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