Thursday, December 30, 2010

W6D2 - Complete FAILURE

I promised myself that when I started to blog about running I would include everything.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  Putting it all out there, success and failure alike, is the only way for me to utilize this as a way to hold myself accountable.  Or utilize the people who read my blog to hold me accountable.  If Im not honest here, Im not honest with myself.  The only way to be successful is to accept the failure while moving to the success.

That being said.......I should have kept my rear on the couch.  Take a day off from running and chill out. But no, I had to run (because I think Im addicted and if you were to ask my husband he would say I am addicted) and now I am paying for it.
Im not sure exactly what the deal is but once in awhile, when I am running, I get really intense, excruciating pain in my hip/groin area. Specifically where my tubes were tied at back in September. I told my doc about it and he said inflammation can still cause some issues so my guess is that the inflammation plus the running is not working out so well for me. Im hurting right now.

I made it through 20 minutes of the work out, including 12 minutes of running (10 minutes, 3 of walking, and 2 minutes of the second run) before I had to stop.  Total mileage was a whopping 1.28 miles.  Better the nothing though.
Oh well, good and bad I guess. Bad for the obvious reason of not finishing what is possibly my last run of 2010 but good because I know that I will be back and stronger then ever. Determinded to kick W6D2  in the ass, like it just did to me.
Excuse me to down a bottle of ibprofen.

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