Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Steps

Running has been good the past few runs!  Things are starting to come together...I have had negative splits for each mile the last 2 runs, both were also PR for 5K AND I had my first sub 9 mile (8:53 in the 3rd mile!).  If it wasnt so frickin' hot at 6am I think my times could be even better....but 70 degrees is better then 80 when I head out the door for a run.

Kiddos are good....B will be walking on his own soon.  He has gotten very good at walking holding on to one hand, and he has taken a few steps but as soon as he realizes he is doing it by himself....he sits his happy, perfectly capable butt down and looks at you with big blue eyes with questions that say "must I mommy?"  Yes, you weigh 24lbs, would be the answer to that. 

Sage, well...he is a holy terror most of the time but during those occasional moments of sanity in my house (usually when Sage is sleeping or entralled by PBS television) there is peace in the valley and the boys will actually sit happily together without any exchanging of teeth marks or screaming competitions.

Those moments are few and far between.

Take right now for example....Bran is in his crib, supposedly taking a nap, which is hard to accomplish when Thing 1 is playing with his cars right outside his bedroom door.  Did I mention its a glass paned door....

Riding is going good....things are starting to click and issues I would instinctively back down from a few months ago, I now willing take on and deal with.  Baby steps still get you to the finish line, right??? 

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