Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 2

Got it in, early but got it in.  Shawn had to leave at 6am this morning and since I am usually starting my run at 6 (or slightly after) I had to get up earlier then usual and run at 530am. 

At 5am, I thought I was insane. 

At 505am, I kinda wanted to pitch my phone against the wall but Shawn needed it for his alarm also.

At 510am I gave in, got up, grabbed by running stuff and left the comfort of my air conditioned bed room.

Sidebar: Shawn still wasnt out of bed....just sayin'

I followed my typical "its to freakin' early for this regardless of how much I love to run" routine of getting some water, turning on the computer.  I sat for a few minutes and looked out the window before it hit me...the sunrise. 

The sky was pink and purple, some clouds but not the nasty gonna rain like the acopolypse is knocking at the door, but the big, fluffy, nice ones.  And they were pink...hard to be wary of pink clouds.

That was really all I needed to get myself out the door...well, that and a shot of 5 Hour Energy....and tackle my 3 mile run.  What a gorgeous morning, and Im so lucky to live in a place where I dont have to look past buildings or listen to cars to enjoy nature.  Just me and my dogs, a couple deer and the sunrise.  It was pefect and my run kicked arse. 

3 miles in 27:49....PR. 

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