Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crazy times

One of my favorite quotes is "life gets in the way".  I love it because more often then not, it just sums things up.

Quick synopsis....

B is starting to walk!!  Just last night he took a few steps to grand dad!  Then he gets to excited he cant stand still so our success was short lived but he is getting it!  At 9.5 months old, he is 2 lbs heaver then his "big" brother, my lover cuddler boy and as sweet as can be!

Sager Danger is W.I.L.D.  and crazy and a one man 20lbs wrecking ball.  He is just finishing up his first round of swimming lessons and he really loves the water.  Only took him 3 classes to stop crying and only 1 class did he cry for longer then he laughed. 

Piper is 9 now, and having a very good time in Michigan with her dad for the summer.  She is playing baseball, shortstop, and really liking it.  I did go out and spend sometime with her around her birthday, just my little girl and I and we had a great time.  I miss her so much everyday and count the days down till she is back home with us.

I am doing good.  Summer is always a busy time for us, and Im loving it.  I can FINALLY get out and RIDE!!  I caved to Shawn's pressure to ride our sorrel gelding Tig for barrels and Im so happy that I did.  He and I just work well together.  I dont have any issues catching him, I switched up saddles and reins and thanks to help from my mother in law Karen (who has run barrels for years!) friends and Shawn, I am starting to feel like I know what I am doing.  It certainly doesnt hurt that Tig apparently really likes to turn around a barrel.

Shawn is good as he can be haying, but he is good. 

Summer time brings us a different routine and atfter calving and branding, the 8-5 work day is nice. 

Im running more and more all the time.  Used to be that I would feel so accomplished and proud of myself after making it 3 miles.  Yet  now, if I only run 3 miles I feel like I didnt push myself far enough.  Im going to run the Lincoln 1/2 marathon next May so Im slowing starting to up my miles so that I can start training for that, officially, in the fall, once it cools off a bit.  Then I can keep a decent plan during winter and be ready to go in Spring.

I promise to keep up with my blog now.  To keep the updates on my kiddos going and my running.  And my horse.  And anything else that happens that might be blog-worthy.


  1. It's good to have you back. Sometimes, I learn so much more about what's going on through your blog, than during a phone call. What with sporadic loss of signal, your little peanut gallery in the back seat, or just the busyness of your days. Love hearing about all of it.

  2. I am so excited for you that you are running a 1/2 marathon. That is great!

    I am also in awe that you run barrels. That to me is very cool! I bow to your greatness!