Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dam Run Recap

28:54.  Not my best time but with the washboard, gravel road to run on, I will take it.

It was HOT at the 8am start, probably 75 and since Im usually done with my run by 630-645am,  I knew I was going to struggle with the heat.  And I did.  And I didnt drink enough water either, so the finish line seemed alot farther then 5000 meters away but that just makes my 28:54 time feel that much better.

I did get 2 more race entry forms in the packet...yeah!!!  They are this fall and in Ogallala, so nice and close. 

After the race, I hurried home, showered, changed, PACKED and Shawn and I headed off to Cheyenne to the Daddy of 'em All....Cheyenne Frontier Days!!  We had tickets to see Toby Keith and Eric Church in concert and it was awesome!!  The only downfall was that we had standing room only tickets and with running the race and then standing in my boots for 6 hours, my legs are done today.  So I had to skip my planned run this morning and Im not sure when Im going to get it in, but Ill figure out something.  I may just move on with the schedule as planned, it was a 5 mile long run today, which I know I can do without issue.  We shall see......

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