Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Official Race - Nebraskaland Days 5K - June 18, 2011

Nebraskaland Days 5K is over, a week sad that it was such a great race and I am only getting around to posting about it now.  *sigh* 

Life gets in the way, doesnt it?

So the day started off 400am!!  The start time was 730am CENTRAL time...I live in MOUNTAIN time.  Since we were dealing with a tim change and 90 miles between us and the starting line....I didnt really want to think about it.  But we didnt have a choice so we had to do it.

And we did!  WE is myself, my brother in law (who makes it sound like I head a gun to his head while he signed up but that isnt quite how I remember it) and good friend Sammy (who happened to be in the wrong place and the right time for me to say "Hey...wanna run a 5K with me??")

We got there, got our packets and proceeded to rip the botttom little tag thingy I said..FIRST race.

Then we killed time for 45 minutes.  I guess I could have taken into consideration the lack of traffic and breaking the speed limit "guideline" when waking up at 4am.

Race started....and ended for me 28:42 LATER!!!  I had a goal of less then 30 minutes and I did far as I am concered I blew it away.  Yes, anything over a minute, for me, is blowing it away.

Cory and Sammy both did great also...Cory at 22 minutes (annoyed he didnt get below 20 but he may have to run more then 2 times before the race to meet that goal) and Sammy around 34 (which is great considering she had 2 weeks to get ready for it). 

I felt even better finishing the I thought it would, and I knew I would feel great!!!

THEN I got the offical results......14th in my age group out of 37 and 33rd over all out of 260!!!  Yippee!!!!
Next race, the Dam Run in Ogallala on July 30....cant wait!!!!  

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