Friday, March 18, 2011

I am not smarter then a 3rd grader

Just ask my 8 year old...she will tell you that I am a moron. This is especially true, apparently, when it comes to 16 line poems and clothing.

P.S. Yes, she did earn herself a weekend of "focusing" on her chores. AKA, her bedroom and the barn will be very clean by Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, she needed help with her poem because the teacher said "ask your parents for help". No problem...I enjoy stuff like that...until I am told that I have no idea what I am doing, and she will just go ask her teacher tomorrow.


THEN, she ASKED me for help picking out her clothes this morning....even though I had been asking her for 45 minutes if she was ready for school and she said "almost". So I went up, and grabbed a shirt and leggings....she put them on...then started to cry. And yell, and tell me how much she hates school, and hates the shirt I picked out and the leggings were stupid.

This is right around the time the grounding took place.

So I picked out a new shirt and leggings and suggested she put them on and stop arguing. AKA....GET DRESSED NOW!

She gets dressed, stomps down the stairs, slams the bathroom door, stomps back up stairs to get her socks, stomps back get the picture here right.....

Oh my...this is why I run. I run because I need the mental break. My kids challenge me mentally, physically and emotionally. In good and bad ways. I need my 30-45 minutes of running to clean my head, adjust MY attitude and get back to being a good mom. Albeit however stupid I am.

That friday rambling being said...good bye...Im off for my run!

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