Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holy Insantiy

WOW, let me catch my breathe....

OK, I think Im good now.

I have 16lbs to go before I hit my goal....YIPPEE!!! However I know that while the running has gotten me this far, I will need to really hit it hard as the last 10-15lbs always seems very stubborn to go away. I also know that I need some serious toning in the abdominal region (and arms, and booty, and legs...ok, all over) so I needed something to help me witht hat.

I asked around and the overall winner was Insanity. Why...well, P90X seems to take 45-60 minutes and you need the extra stuff..weights, bands, door framing hanging stuff...time and stuff I dont have. Insanity is 30 minutes or so and all I need is the room to work. That I can afford!!

So here we with the Fit Test Results:
Switch Kicks - 60
Power Jacyk - 47
Power Knees - 83
Power Jumps - 32 (this is where it starts going down hill)
Globe Jumps - 8 (beyond sad....PATHETIC but really...thought I was going to die)
Suicide Jumps - 15 (Im not sure I remember the last 4 but I remember counting them)
Push-up Jacks - 10 (W.T.F. As if regular push ups werent traumatic enough)
Low Plank Oblique - 46

So there ya starting Fit Test scores. According to the program, I I will redo the fit test every 2 weeks and see how Im progressing. As hard and traumatic as it was.....I LOVED IT!! Every terrible, painful, horrible minute....until Im done...then the aching of muscle feels great. I can still walk, I can talk yet the ache that is there tells me that change will be happening soon. I will get stronger and feel better and that makes every little bit worth it!!

Next mission....start a competition with is CRAZY competitive so I think he will be up to the challenge. And if I dont warn him how rough it is....I just might beat him ;-)

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