Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some days

ya just gotta run. Thats my motto. Weather running to or from something, or just running because I can, somedays I just gotta run.

I have had alot running through my mind lately, and its starting to interrupt my thinking while Im running. Well, my postive "I can do this" thinking. I need to kick that in the arse and get back focused. I didnt realize how bad it was getting until today when I about died at the second mile and had to force myself to get through 3.6.

Alot of it is my not being able to kick this not feeling well. I have had a headache now for 3 weeks. Occasionally its a crazy migraine but mostly its a dull ache that just wont go away. The last few days my stomach has gotten very upset, and all I want to do is lay down on the floor and sleep.

I am NOT pregnant....we had that little issue surgically taken care of after Baby B was more babies for me!!!!

The weather has been really nice this week, and I missed on run because of not feeling good, so I wasnt going to miss another one. 67 degrees out and I got my 3.5 in plus made myself do another .6 because of my craptastic attitude.

I want positive energy, I want to stop worrying about things I cannot control, take care of the things I can, cherish my friends and the good times we have and love my family like crazy. Maybe if I can get all those things going, I can finally kick this feeling like junk think. So far, thats the best I got....Aleve, Tylenol and caffiene are not cuttin' it!!

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