Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome Monday

I dont usually welcome Monday with open arms but I am looking forward to ending last week and starting a new week.

I didnt get any running in this weekend!!!! (insert uncontrollable sobbing here...and then seriously cranky uncontrollable we are on the same page.)

I ran on Friday, had a virtual 5K on Saturday (Shamrock Shuffle by Running Mate), and planned on a quick 2 mile push myself run on Sunday afternoon.

Shawn was gone for alot of the day on Saturday, my mother in law was unable to watch my kiddos while I ran, so Saturday didnt happen.

Sunday I had to run my daugther, her friend, her friends mom along for the ride to town for a little class the girlies were taking, PLUS I woke up to snow.

In the process of being in town, well, wait....PRIOR to us leaving but after the snow, Baby B got sick and had to stay home with Grandma till dad got done taking care of the ranch. Ok, now we are in town, girls are in class.....Sager Danger, aka Spider Monkey, takes a head dive out of the shopping cart, landing right on his head. Panicked mom tries to remain cool and is thankful that we are in town and 5 minutes from the ER instead of 45 like at home.

Sage does fine, passes his first exam just fine, but they wanted to check him out again. This time, he wasnt so receptive and ended up earning himself a CT scan.

Here might be a good place to add in that a week before I informed shawn that "if we dont land in the ER by the time he is 2, it will be a miracle." miracle for us.

Get to the CT scan and find out that I have to help hold him, the semi-calm mom needs to hold her very NONcooperative 16 month old down, completely still, for his CT scan. Great...the news keeps getting better and better.

Thankfully, we got it done, and it was all clear. Sage earned himself a concussion, a wake up call every 2 hours, not much food to help keep his tummy as settled as possible and a whopper of a headache.

Mom earned herself a bottle of wine but I didnt have time (or desire) to go back to Wally world and buy one.

After I get home, I had to head to the silver shop to work on some buckles. nothing in there was going right. I changed tips on the equipment, I double checked my cords....just not enough juice to get the stuff done. So I go ask my mother in law for some help....sick as she is she comes out into the cold, and helps me....helps me look at the air compressor that I looked at 3 times and see that the switch was OFF...not On. Uhhh...par for the course I tell ya.

I got the buckles done, went home...walked into the house and my concussion weilding toddler is standing on the chair that Grandma made him...dancing.

Shawn said "I think he is going to be ok."

Today, I went into town for Sage's follow up appt...and he is fine. "Try to keep him calm" my doc he is climbing up the side of the chair in an attempt to grab the blood pressure cuff on the desk.

Yea...I will work on that.

We left the doctors office and made one more the local store where I picked up a bottle of cheap wine. It was calling my name....wanting to help calm my nerves and regain some of my sanity. I dont typically turn to wine for my problem solving but since getting out of the house without a child or an issue seems to be out of reach right now.....running and horseback riding is is my next best option.

I havent cracked my bottle open yet....Shawn will be in soon and as I type this I have told Sage to get down off the chair, his high chair, the couch and the top of his little play tent several times.

My corkscrew is waiting.


  1. It's hard to believe, looking at that sweethear in your lap in the ER, that we're talking about the same Spider Monkey-child. I have no doubt, though, that it is the same child, aka Sager Danger, and you have more than earned a glass of wine.

  2. Wow, you have had a crazy couple of days. Go have that wine. You deserve it! Glad the little one is doing better.