Saturday, July 9, 2011

What a day!!

and its only 11am!!!

Lets recap shall we...

Sage shoved a pretzel up his nose.  I didnt know this until he started sneezing it out, in chucks, all over my kitchen.  It was one of those mom-moments when you have to inspect the junk coming out of your childs face and you really wish you could pass the job off to Dad but he happens to be working. was just a pretzel but it must have been a big one cause those were not small pieces and there were alot of them.

Then, Sage (aka Thing 1 for the rest of this post) crawled into a cupboard, and got himself stuck.  Even though while he was in there he was screaming for help it must have been screams of joy instead of fear cause no sooner do I have him out (which took some doing...the human body is not meant to fit into spaces like that) he tired to help Brannon (aka Thing 2) into the same space.  Holding his head down and trying to lift the leg of your younger brother only works if he isnt bigger then you.

Thing 1 then starts dancing in circles with the telephone cord, which I am using at the time to talk to my mom, gets to running around the kitchen but thankfully someone up above was watching out for him cause his little cros just stopped moving, causing him to fall out of them, and miss face planting into the oven door by CENTIMETERS. 

During this time Thing 2 crawls onto a box, that is all of 2 inches tall, and gets stuck.  Screaming in fear and agony, I got him down, only for him to, of course, go right back up.  This time Thing 1 chose to "help" his brother out.  Im sure he ment to gently guide his litle younger brother out and that it was gravity taking effect that caused Bran to go crashing off the box and end up hitting his head on the floor.  It certainly wasnt a shove or anything like that. 

This was the time when I realized I had ZERO caffiene in my house and if I didnt get some, it wasnt going to be pretty.  So I loaded Thing 2 into the car, chased Thing 1 around the car, strapped them both in a shut the doors.  Yes, eventually I also got in but hey, the air was going so it was cooler in the car then outside and frankly, I needed a few moments to gather my wits. 

Its gonna be a long day........


  1. Might I add, we were trying to have a conversation during all of this and, hey, we did OK!

  2. Wow, that is some fun right there!