Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10 miles, JumboTran, Soldiers......

Sunday Kari, Katie, Heather and I had plans for a long run....10 miles.  Katie and Heather fell victim to sickness and stay home and out of the wind, rain, 37 degrees and 30-40 mph winds.  I cant say I blame them.  Jamie coached 1,258 jr high volleyball games that weekend and I dont think she really ever committed to 10 miles of running on her day off.   Pretty sure I cant blame her for that on either :)

Kari had been gone for about a month and really wanted 10 being the moron dedicated running I am, told her I was game to go in the above conditions that happen when Mother Nature forgets to take her meds.  Again. 

I have hubby drive me down to drop a car off, then drive me up to Kari's house to start our run. 

We had a little bit of everything....rain, wind (ok we had lots more then a little bit of wind), hills, flats....typical run in the Sandhills.  It was cold but once we got going, it wasnt terrible.  Got it done in good time 1:35 giving us a pace of 9:35 overall....which is great because Im pacing the 2:05 smart pace group in Lincoln and that pace is 9:32!  Happy dance....if my glutes werent screaming at me and a softball hadnt taken up residence in my hamstring.  But once the aching stops, then I do a happy dance. 

So far, the aching hasnt subsided.  Im sore.  And not just a little sore but body screaming what have I dont to myself sore.  Im hoping that this is because of the cold and less then stellar conditions because this was 10 miler #3 and I didnt hurt after the first two.  And Im not talking little aches Im talking hurts to sit down, stand up, walk MOVE.  Im hesitant to push for another long run and may just start my taping a week early.  I know I have the its just a matter of staying healthy and making it to the starting like so I can make it to the finish line strong.  I really dont want to be on the jumbo tron at Memorial Stadium being dragged across the finish line by National Guardsmen......

then again.....

I MIGHT make an exception if they look like this....just sayin'

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