Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rest Day

I had to take a rest day today.  Im at the point where if I dont and let my body heal, its going to pull a serious tantrum and just quit working all together.  Probably not but thats my fear.

Listening to my body is NOT my strong point.  Pushing past the pain is something Im fairly skilled in as I tend to throw a "suck it up buttercup" and keep going.  Not really the best skill to keep sharp and ready to use.  Maybe all those motivation saying and photos I have hanging off my fridge are coming back to bite me in the ass hamstring.

Here we are now 2.5 weeks from Lincoln.  I was going to see about getting one more 10 miler in because for some reason that has become my favorite distance to run (i know i know...certifiable) but I have 3 of in them in so instead Im going to listen to my very smart, clearly thinking friends body and start tapering!!  Yay..that means race days iS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!

It has taken me sometime to realize that I got this.  I can run a 1/2 marathon.  The distance training is done and there isnt anything else I can do to really "train".  Training is done....Im into maintaining now. 

I have a tentative plan.....2:05...HOLY CRAPTINI!!  There is it, in writing.  A 2:05 for my first 1/2 Marathon.  Very doable.  Thats a 9:33 pace with the smart pacing group that is set for the course.  My typical training run is 9:20-9:40.....9:33 is doable.  I have one 10 mile run with Katie done at 9:22.....with Heather and Jamie 10:35 and Kari and I did one with average of 9:35 last week in less then stellar conditions.  Taking into considering the lack of hills (we train on hills daily) and race day atmosphere.....9:33 is entirely possible.

But not if I dont take the time and listen to my legs.  Sooooo....the plan for the next few weeks will be spend just playing around.  If I hurt, Ill probably stop.  Ill keep it interesting with some speed work.  Nothing to traumatizing.  Maybe.   Ill try to stay a few steps in front of that little voice in my head telling me Im a loon.  Ill make it to the starting line HEALTHY so I can make it to the finish line STRONG.  2:05 aside...thats my ultimate goal. 



  1. I 2:05 should be very doable and if that is within your typical training pace I wouldn't be surprised if you did a sub 2. Good luck! How exciting to be doing your first half!

  2. Listen to your body and your goal will be in the bag!

  3. You WILL finish. I totally remember that feeling. You will finish and you will probably blast that goal! :)