Sunday, April 8, 2012

Free Babysitting

Piper is an amazing big sister.  She tolerates adores her brothers and there is very little she wont put up with from them.  They are constantly messing up her room, using her for a jungle gym and a trampoline and she isnt afraid to dive on with it comes to shitty dirty diapers.

Recently, we have been leaving her home with them to watch them.  She is going to be 10 in a few months, and we live in such a desolate rural area, that we are not worried about someone showing up at the door with her there.  Also, when we do "leave" her its usually just for me to go run a few miles while Shawn is working and more recently, I go tag with Shawn in the morning and she stays with the 2 legged critters.  We never actually leave the property....we are just a few miles away and a couple minutes down the road.

The problem is that even though she is in charge and being independent, she still wants to tell mommy every.little.thing.   A couple days ago, she called me 5 times in the span if 9 minutes.  I didnt even get the chance to call her back from the last message before the phone rang again. 

So today, I tried a pre-emptive strike.....

Me -"Do Not call me unless someone is unconscious, there is blood or the bone is poking through someones skin."

Piper - "If the skin is red after Bran bites me, does that count as blood?  It could start bleeding".

Me - "No."

We made it 12 minutes before she called, which happened to be the exact time I was sitting on top of a calf, praying his belloring momma was only pretending she wanted to tap dance on my face, while attempting to get the stupid tagger out from under him as he fell on top of it when I dropped it to grab his tail and flip him over. 

Me - "Yes"
Piper - "Bran fell out of the chair."
Me - "Is he bleeding?"
Piper- "No"
Me - "Is he unconscious?" I can hear him in laughing in the background
Piper -"No"
Me - "Is there bone poking through his skin?"
Piper - "No"
Me - "Did he cry?" again, laughing toddler in the background
Piper - "No, he laughed and did it again"
Me - "Then why did you call me?"
Piper - "Just thought you might want to know in case he starts crying or complaining of hurting in a few hours and Im down at grandmas and you cant figure out why and because Im down at grandmas I cant tell you that it might be from him falling off the chair."
Me - "goodbye Piper"
Piper - "bye mommy".

What can I say....she is a free babysitter.